Wednesday, October 14, 2015

12 of 12 for reals

I remembered the day on the day and during the day for a change.

It was Thanksgiving here in Canadaland. Not that it matters much. I quit my job to do full time freelance/contract work so holidays pretty much mean nothing to me now.

 1. I started my day finishing up a bit of work while Ryan went to the skatepark with his buddies.

We then went on a little adventure to a secret DIY skatepark in the city.

2. Ryan found a silly concrete covered log.

3. While I found a new ride

4. I finally blew the dust off my digital SLR camera

Next we went exploring at an old abandoned theme park. There wasn't much left of it at all but Ryan always finds something weird to skate anywhere he goes.

5. Like an abandoned tube slide. He went to this park a lot as a kid but I don't ever remember going. This slide looks like it would have been a shit ton of fun in it's hay day.

6. no caption necessary

We then explored a little more in the area.

7. Does the pic count when I've stolen it from someone else? Thanks Ryan. 

From here we snuck our way into an old abandoned hotel. It looks like there was once a fire. The whole place was creepy as fuck

8. It smelled really bad also.

9. peeling paint from the fire I pressume.

10. The hotel pool wasn't really swimmable

11. One of the fun parts of using an SLR camera. This one is still blurry but I was really just fucking around. Those are Ryan's ghostly legs and feet.

12. The "entrance"

13. I had to add one more for the creep factor and because it makes the pictures 13. It's October after all. Perhaps next time I'll make more of an effort to get some none blurry photos. We didn't go downstairs. We've seen enough Walking Dead to know where the zombies are.

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  1. Excellent photos! Looks like you had fun, too.


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