Friday, August 14, 2015

Pictures on the 13th

I wanted to start doing 12 of 12's again. For those not in "the know" that's where you take 12 pictures on the 12th day of the month. Alas, I am anything but ordinary because the 12th kind of came and went. I took one picture the whole day. I was beyond busy at work and had to haul ass on my bike to get to a meeting on time after work.

Needless to say it was a flop but I really miss taking a days worth of photos! Never fret! I am an "against the grain" kind of person. So on the 13th I documented my bike commute to work (and home). It's more than 12 pictures. Even a few selfies thrown in for good measure. I hate taking selfies by the way.

Welcome to my 21km bike commute to work (and a couple pictures on the way home)

1. bike. road. speedy.

2. a small path I take to avoid roads

3. More of that path in the morning sunlight

4. SELFIE? whaaaaaat?

5. I always love old row houses

6. I use almost entirely bike lanes or routes designated for bikes

7. This may be hard to see but it's a mountain bike pump track IN THE MAKING and I get to ride past it twice a day every day. Some of the local mtb advocates rallied for this to be built and here it is! I seriously can NOT wait to play!

8. Just some more road, more bike lane.

9. Major construction has left me finding detours in some areas and this is one of them.

10. Starting to get out in to the boonies a little more.

11. This one has a story. Half way to work I started feeling really nauseous. I assumed it was anxiety because... well... anxiety. Then it got worse and worse. Eventually I stopped and checked my BG. I was high right before I left the house so I took a smidgen of insulin. I guess it was a bad idea because my BG dropped so rapidly it caused nausea. I wasn't low (yet) but had gone from an 11.7 (210) to a 4.6 (83) in 20 minutes. I literally gagged back a package of fruit chews (should have chosen the glucose tabs in retrospect) and very super slowly continued to work. I felt terrible. As my BG came up the nausea slowly dissipated but still left me nauseous until mid morning and gross the rest of the day. At the time I took this pic I was feeling particularly awful. I was curious what the grimace on my face looked like. 

12. random no hands shot

13. This is a jam factory and I hate the jam factory. Every day, depending on which way the wind is blowing, I have to ride through a putrid stench. I don't know what they make in there but it's not always jam. Jam wouldn't smell that bad. Some days it smells like acidic rotten tomatoes not unlike the odour de vomit. The smell this morning didn't do my nausea any favours.

14. Home stretch. Er... work stretch (?)

15. Shadows. need I say more?
I realized after looking at this pic I have a lot of accessories on my bike! bell, lights, bottle, lock and panniers. I'm like an accessory whore.

16. On my way home now. Headwinds were intense, they always are going home. This creek is near where my Nana and Poppa used to live and we would play here for hours as children. It's been a dry summer.

17. Barbie generated quite the attention on facebook when I posted this caption: "Barbie had the bad kind of diabetes and lost both her legs (and the bottom half of her body). Must not have taken care of herself"

18. Finally, a daily reminder of the things I don't miss about commuting to Toronto and the justification for taking a less-than-stellar job closer to home.

I'm thinking about doing this again in the winter if I can keep my hands from freezing off. 

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