Friday, May 15, 2015

D-blog week day 5 - a day of food

This is probably the post that got me to do Dblog week at all. Not only because it was recommended by my favouritist blogger Katy but because it was cool.

The premise? document a day of eating. YESS! something that requires a day of pictures is my favourite. I was all stoked and then the day just ended up being super busy and super boring. 

How do you know when someone is vegan? don't worry, they'll tell you.
I'm vegan and due to celiac disease I have to keep a gluten free life.

The morning started at 4:40am when my alarm went off. I dragged my ass out of bed by 5. I am studying for an exam next week so I'm squeezing in study time wherever I can. This means no bike commuting which means I am in one hell of a shitty mood.

It started with a plain rice cake with some coconut oil with my cold brew black coffee. I don't "eat" breakfast until much later so in order to keep my stomach from revolting with gut rot and coffee jitters I have to put something down there.

8:00am BREAKFAST on the way to work/at work. Most mornings it's a green smoothie. On special occasions when I have prepared beets I have this gem. It's boiled and refrigerated beets (about 2 medium beets), one frozen banana, 1tbsp of ground chia seeds, 1/2 scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder and a mixture of unsweetened almond milk/water. Drinking this delights me with red pee and a magenta poop the next morning!

My Fitness Pal says its 60g of carbs which is GIGANTIC-O-SAURUS but my body feels different about that number. I used 3 units of insulin and still ended up low. Pre injection this would have been 10 units of insulin and still end up high.

10am middle of the morning slight low BG

10:15am the low is worse than I thought so I downed a handful of jelly beans for faster action. I followed it up with a unit of insulin to now cover the bar which wasn't going to hit until a bit later. Oops. fuck you diabetes. Fuck me for not taking in fast acting carbs to begin with.

12pm. I take a late lunch because... I don't know. Because the afternoon goes by so fucking slow. I ate half of my carrots before taking a picture. Steamed and refrigerated. Cold soggy carrots are my favourite way to eat them. If they were raw I would be doubled over in pain a couple hours later so steaming them is my only option. 

2pm. This is my lunch pretty much every single day. My co workers actually make fun of me for eating the same thing. Those diabetics out there will understand why. It's a bean salad I make at the beginning of the week with lentils, chickpeas and fava beans with some sesame oil, balsamic, garlic and spices. I then throw a bunch of grape tomatoes, a layer of 2tbsp of hemp hearts and a whopping load of nutritional yeast. On top of that is as much alfalfa and pea sprouts I can cram in. I use more sesame oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing or on days that I have prepared ahead of time I make either watered down tahini or watered down hummus dressing.

My Fitness Pal says my lunch is 30g of carbs. I suppose that's right. I often pre-bolus 30 minutes if I'm a little high or post bolus if I'm a little low. Usually 1.5-2u of insulin.

I had a red apricot. I don't remember when

This makes most people laugh. Yes, I bring a container of emergency peanut butter wherever I go. It holds 2-3tbsp. I do this for work because all day long I super duper crave peanut butter. Like to a dangerous level! I used to keep jars of it at my desk but had trouble restricting myself. I would eat the whole jar in a couple days if I allowed myself. If I don't bring it with me, no joke, I'll come home and go straight to the jar with a spoon before even taking my shoes off. At least this way, I get my fix and don't turn into SERIOUSLY CRAZY PEANUT BUTTER OBSESSED INSANE-O.

9:30pm. Yes, this was "dinner" and super late. LAME! A rice cake with some coconut oil and mashed up avocado. I didn't even have the patience to put some sliced tomato which I often do. I usually cook and I love cooking. However after I got home I went out for a run with a couple friends to burn off some of the stress of the day. I haven't been exercising because of studying and I was going to explode. I was in a fucking rotten mood. After getting home and preparing for the next day it was pretty late, I didn't even have a shower after the run. We had no time to really cook and I just needed something to stick in my belly before I went to sleep. Oh this was also after another handful of jelly beans as a result of another low.

Rice cakes are a staple around here. They are a platform for pretty much everything. I like them instead of gf bread. 

I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to display some delicious cooking but, well, this is the day I chose so be it.

Y'know what? Let's pretend I cooked THIS tonight ;)

There, that feels better. 

Thanks Katy!

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  1. LOVE.

    We eat rice cakes a lot but never with such interesting toppings. (It's all PB ALL the time.)

    I'm going to try your beet smoothie.

    For your birthday I would like to send you a case of these:

  2. Replies
    1. Lemon tahini quinoa and millet!
      I'm dying to find an easy delicious curry sauce tho...

  3. I think it would be a great project to try to swap diets for a day with someone else. I think red pee might freak me out though, and I would have to come up with GF recipes for what I eat. Love your posts with pictures!

  4. Wow! great recipes for me to try here. I wish I were the type to be more consistent with what I eat for say lunch and dinner each day. I think I just need to buy my ingredients and stick to making the same thing (duh, me!) You eat SO healthy. And I've never thought to top rice cakes with whatever. My kids eat them plain, and I just suggested a topping and they slathered almond butter on them and declared them "delicious" :)

  5. For a boring day you certainly shared a bunch of different and interesting foods. I am also a peanut/peanut butter addict and I only have a few days in my whole life where I have not eaten either. Thanks goodness none of my children or grandchildren have peanut allergies. I would have to give them away (the children not the peanuts)....

  6. I've just discovered your blog and really loved this post. Particularly your 2pm lunch salad - looks and sounds really good! Love the cute header pic on your blog too :)
    Peanut butter, coconut oil, avocado, rice cakes, and beans are all staples in my house too. I was having beets in my green smoothies a while ago but suddenly ended up having a severe adverse reaction (more than you mentioned lol)- maybe because they were raw, so after reading this post I might try them again but cooked! Thanks :)

  7. I am so making tat lunch next week - looks delicious! I love avocado and rice crackers, oh so good.

  8. That salad would make me shit my pants.

  9. I love the look of that salad! I'm going to have to try it myself


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