Sunday, April 5, 2015

Creative new glucose meter (FRED) in need of feedback

I don't normally do this.

I'm being pimped!

I meet this dude in a coffee shop one day. He contacted me through my blog because he had an idea for a new glucose meter. At first I was like, yeah whatever, I'll meet you. I told Ryan not to worry and that I wasn't going to be murdered but he still worried.

It's not everyday you meet with a complete stranger from the internet. Disregard the fact that I met my husband on the internet!

So this young entrepreneur from my 'hood introduced me to a product idea and I kind of liked it. I more than kind of liked it. I thought it was an innovative idea. Yeah an all-in-one glucose meter that is incorporated into a smart phone case may not be for everyone. Even I had a hard time thinking it was something I would use.

We diabetics like new things but some of us (ME) get really stuck in what works and I've used the same glucose meter for years (and years). GO FREESTYLE LITE!

But I liked the young guy, Paolo, he was eager and a go-getter as they say.

So here I am, being pimped out. I'm sharing these images for him. He has been trying to gain some data and feedback from us, the diabetes online community.

Have a look and send either me or him (pdidonato2 at gmail dot com) your feedback. While you're at it, there's a survey HERE that will take only a few minutes of your time and will provide him much needed info to tailor this invention to what WE would want and use.


  1. An interesting concept. I like how it incorporates the lancet and test strips- so many companies shrink their meters, but the other stuff doesn't do anything to reduce the overall bulk. (But is there a place to store USED test strips, and will it allow me to store lancets or reuse the existing one?)

    Being able to slide a meter (and all the associated crap) into my pocket would be a big PLUS for me; that's not easy with what I have now. But whether it looks like a cell phone case or something else doesn't really matter to me. I'm all about practicality and couldn't care less about aesthetics.

    The ability to talk to a smartphone really doesn't interest me, personally; I'd much rather have it communicate with my insulin pump (unless it would automatically go to the same "cloud" as my pump and CGM data so it can generate consolidated reports. (I understand that no such cloud exists today).

    I would hope I could "refill" the extra-test-strip compartment; the meters that provide strips in a drum don't allow that, meaning if I'm running low, I'd need to carry extras separately.

    Some things that are clearly missing from the description are: (1) what does the display look like -- is it easily readable in bright sunlight? (I don't have the standard case/wallet to position and create a shadow. (2) how accurate would the meter/strips be compared to some other leading brands (big question!). (3) If I need to test in darkness in the middle of the night, is it ergonomically designed so I can do everything by feel? There are buttons and levers on all sides of the device. Is there any sort of test-strip port light, or backlit captions to tell me which releases a lancet and which dumps the strips all over the floor? (4) is it sized and are the controls positioned such that I can do everything by holding the device in my hands without setting anything down on a table or other surface?

    I'm assuming that issues regarding availability and distribution and coverage for this device would follow after it's designed, so there's no need to ask about them -- but they would be concerns as well.

    Scully - please feel free to pass along my email address to Paolo if he'd like to follow-up on any of what I've written.

  2. That's pretty cool. I don't really have any other feedback to email Paolo, but I'll pop over and take the survey now. Thanks for sharing!!


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