Monday, February 2, 2015

10 things I love

This is somewhat uncharacteristic for me to write about. No psychologist or therapist told me to focus on the positives or some other fucking stupid motivational saying you can think of.

This was entirely my idea.

10 things I love.

I will be honest, this post has been in the making for a couple weeks. I was sitting at 8 things for so long and couldn't come up with 2 other things. Yeah, 10 measly things was hard because I mostly hate my life. Sure I could have just filled it with extra food items but that would be too easy.

Here we go...
1. Our 4 ferrets. I adore these little guys. They always make me smile no matter what. They're such funny little animals! Unless they're pooping on the floor - which is often. If anyone goes and links to that article about a ferret eating a babies face I will seek you out and throat punch you.

2. Back country nordic skis that Ryan and I got this year in an attempt to find some way to enjoy the winter. Although snow has been scarce this year (except for today being a snow day), it is a purchase we don't regret.

3. This lemon squeezer that makes my smoothie process a bit easier.

4. I give you homemade deoderant. I'm not a hippy but I dislike the chemicals in most deoderants. I also sweat more than most thanks to my awesome anxiety fucker. I've tried the natural kinds but they don't work at all, like serious smelly issues half way through the day. I like how easy this was to make and it works - all day! I used tea tree oil for scent which was idiotic. Next time I'll try something like lavender.

5. Peanut butter and coconut oil rice cake cakes. I owe credit to this creation to my friend Steph. I eat it every single day sometimes multiple times a day. Spread some coconut oil then natural PB or almond butter. I usually use PB because almond butter is fucking expensive. Ryan and I finally made the switch to natural PB from Skippy/Kraft gloriousness. It was a hard transition, we went through much withdrawal but now that I'm here, I'll never eat the other shit again. I didn't realize how much it was upsetting my stomach.

As a coconut oil side note: I ain't one of those coconut oil miracle totting fairy fuckhead tarts. I want to state we use coconut oil because seed oil seems to cause much GI grief and inflammation. We discovered this after months - possibly years - of undiagnosed issues. Olive oil turns arsenic at high heat. Coconut oil is the only non-seed, non-animal oil that is relatively affordable (thank you Costco). Plus it's spreadable.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot and can't remember shit. Olive oil doesn't turn arsenic at high heat, it oxidizes and the benefits are almost completely destroyed. It's not the worst thing to cook with but we decided to use it for cold things and switch to coconut oil for all our cooking (and PB rice cakes) needs.

6. My lip balm of choice. I have 4 or 5 of these everywhere I need them.

7. Probably my favourite tea ever. It's so damn naturally sweet! I only use this stuff because I hate the licorice spice "blends", they can go to hell.

8. This torture device that allows me hours of indoor training. So much better than the stationary trainer. Except when you fall off which I do at least once every time I use them.

9. I've been burning these incense for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I'll burn something else but I could go the rest of my life burning only this. Sometimes I feel like my love for burning incense makes me feel so 1990.

10. Save the best for last! Yes I love him endlessly but what I love a lot is watching him skate. He makes it seem so effortless and it's definitely a sight I hold dear.

Also, I don't admit these things very often but this was quite refreshing to share things I love. It maybe sorta kinda ... coulda possibly with a tiny modicum of decency... uuhhhmm.... cheered me up. NOT that I would just come out and admit that.....  ahem.


  1. This just might be the cheeriest vulgarity-laced essay I've ever read.

  2. I loved reading this.

    Also I burned those exact incense in University. It specifically takes me back to studying for exams, or writing papers while my friend Neil would hang out my window and smoke and tell me stories. I can still smell it!

  3. These are great things to love!

  4. Great list! Before I read your comment on the trainer, my first thought at seeing the photo was "how does she not fall off?".

    1. haha. Most people don't fall off, in fact I never used to either. It happens when I'm not paying attention or I try to do something cocky just to see if I can. Lately it's been happening a lot. I laugh after I tumble.

  5. I just want to snuggle your ferrets all day long! They are adorable. Ahh, those incense sticks bring me back.

  6. BTW, speaking of rollers...


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