Monday, December 2, 2013

#dmpad in one post

This was Kerri's idea. For the month of November - Diabetes Awareness Month - we post a photo a day. I'm a bit lazy and non-committal so I decided to put it all into one post. Here you go. Some of the pics are a bit abstract. I posted what first came to mind when I read the words on the list.

1. PAST. This is really far in the past. I got betes at 22 but don't really have a lot of photo from before that time because, well, they were all on film. That stash of pictures is in storage at my parents house. This will have to do for now. That's my sister in yellow and me in green.

2. CHECK. Although this is migraine related, it's still health related. I have to keep track of when and how many Advils, Tylenols and Gravols I take. 

3. SNACK. I eat a lot of raw veggies as snacks because I'm a nerd.

4. PROUD. Because I really am proud of this!

5. ADVOCATE. Although I don't do much of this stuff now I loved it when I was. This is a community bike build day in Dallas that I did with Team Type 1.

6. RELATIONSHIP.. Okay here's where some of the abstract'ness comes in. I see the word "relationship" and the first thing that came to mind was my dysfunctional one with food. 

7. BLUE. So I thought about posting some diabetes blue picture but again, this is what came to mind. "Blue" in the sense of mood. This was me after I came home from Alberta to try and get "better". This was after only 4 years of undiagnosed celiac when in the end it was 6 years of hell.

8. ORGANIZATION. I thought of a picture of how "dis-organized" I am with my diabetes supplies and then I thought of organization as in, Connected in Motion.

9. SUPPORT. Here is more CIM stuff. Some of my greatest support.

10. EXERCISE. I could have put up a million pictures but I liked this one the best. Ryan and I finishing the 70km Tour de Loo.

11. PLAY. something NOT to do with diabetes and bikes for a change.

12. WORK. I really didn't have any idea what to post for this. So here are some empty rocket packages. I like to conserve my dex so most of the time I'll use Rockets at work and lately it's been every single morning after breakfast. ANNOYING

13. AWARENESS. Probably  not what you would think of when you see "awareness". This is my reminder to be fucking AWARE. During a 100mile ride this past summer I was going low and grabbed a gatorade at one of the rest stops. When I was still low like 30mins later and struggling I had a closer look at the bottle only to discover it was G2, the sugar reduced stuff.

14. WDD. This was the world diabetes day photo scavenger hunt we did last year.

15. ALERT. I know my whole arm is all tattooed around this and it's not so prominent now but it's still my diabetes alert thing.

16. BLOOD. That really is my blood. I used it for a Diabetes Art Day project.

17. DOC. This is the most recent meet-up with a fellow DOC'er. It's always weird to meet someone from the internet who I already knew so well. 

18. FRUSTRATION. A low interrupting a run. That's frustrating.

19. CHRONIC. A year's supply of used test strips.


21. SWEET. This is from the year I baked an army of gingerbread men.

22. HAPPY. 

23. DIAGNOSIS. This is the closest picture I have to diagnosis. It's a week later on the West Coast Trail. This was a day before I got emergency evacuated via helicopter.

24. CURE. Well, it's what people think is a cure. Back in the pumping days this would have been the equivalent of 5 days of life.

25. WISHLIST. Still my favourite nifty glucose meter. I wish it was available in North America.

26. HEALTHCARE. Just another blood draw.

27. FUN. One of the many things I get to participate in.

28. NECESSARY. See #24. Without this I would die. That makes it pretty damn necessary.

29. TRAVEL. I've been to some amazing places despite trying to manage diabetes.

30. FUTURE. Well I'd like to get on that podium one day.


  1. Cool pics... Glad I got to see them. The West Coast Trail was on my list of things to do when I lived in Vancouver. I never thought I'd leave, and never did it. One day.

    Did you ever tell the medi-vac story? I don't remember reading it.

  2. Love the picture of you and Ryan on the bikes!


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