Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 12 of 12

It's fucking November 12th already? What the hell!?

1. One of the stupid signs that says the same shit every single morning. Just once I want it to say, "You're fucked just like yesterday and the day before that".

2. Random sitting in traffic behind a massive truck picture. At least the sun is sort of starting to come up.

3. Got to work and it was snowing lightly. Winter is an asshole.

4. Little light lunchtime reading

5. It's been a decent read and good training schedules. Thanks to old teammate Chrysa for the book gift!

6. I'm very proud of these glucose meter averages. They aren't always this good so I wanted to document it. Most of the time I'd never share this online but today I want to! (7-day 119mg/dl, 14-day 131mg/dl, 30-day 133mg/dl) 

7. Sunset on my drive home. It'll be dark by the time I get home.

8. grumpy much?

9. Dark evenings are spent here, in our living room. Yeah, that's right, those are Team Novo Nordisk bibs. So fucking what. They are probably the most uncomfortable bibs I own which is why they don't come out much.

10. I couldn't resist a picture of our new ferret with Ryan. Her name is Farrah and we sure do love her to bits.

11. ...except she rarely sits still

12. Although I got some more work done on my sleeve I felt that this little gem was way more appropriate for this 12 of 12. Our tattoo "rings".


  1. Barf, you guys are too cute. Stop it.

    And a ferret? You're killing me!

  2. Well, at least the ferret is cute. :-P


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