Friday, November 15, 2013

A day in the life, hour to hour, BG to BG.

I did this a little while ago, record my hour to hour diabetes management. Since yesterday was World Diabetes Day and I really didn't do anything but complain about how nobody outside of the DOC knows what Nov.14th is, I thought this would be cool.

Welcome to my diabetic day which neither starts nor ends at a specific time. It's all day, all night, non-stop.

2:30am - BG 5.3mmol/l (95mg/dl)
We've stopped setting nightly alarms because my BG was proving to be steady overnight for awhile. I still wake up randomly though so I usually test. I knew I should have boosted this 5.3 but instead I fell back asleep.

5:00am - BG 2.6mmol/l (47mg/dl)
Yeah, should have sucked back a couple Dex's at least. When I am low in the morning it takes awhile for me to actually feel it. I got up, got Farrah out of her cage and started the coffee before the world began to shift. I hovered back 4 Dex's and laid in bed. I tried to get up to start my morning but my stomach was feeling sick.

5:30am - BG 3.9mmol/l (70mg/dl)
Still laying in bed and now it's getting late. I  need to be out of the house and on the road by 6am to get to work. Sometimes I am forced to stay horizontal until my body feels better even if it makes me late for work. I have no choice.

6:30am - 16u of lantus and bolus 3 units for breakfast and eat while driving to work. (STFU)

8:30am - BG 4.4mmol/l (80mg/dl)
My post breakfast BG's have been low for weeks since I had to cut out the PB and chocolate chips I usually have in my oatmeal. I was getting horrendous and immediate gastrointestinal explosions. However this meant a bolus reduction. I used to take 6 units, now I take 3 and perhaps I need to lower it even more. I ate a banana even though I wasn't hungry.

10:00am - BG 9.1mmol/l (164mg/dl)
I knew the banana was a bit too much. Bolus 2 units and eat a granola bar and half an apple. The apple was gross.

12:30pm - BG 6.1mmol/l (110mg/dl)
Proof that the snacky bolus gone good. Eat a bag of grape tomatoes.

1:30pm - BG 5.3mmol/l (95mg/dl)
I had snacked on a bunch of nuts with some raisins in it and was about to eat my salad. Sometimes you get a number you don't expect. I was CERTAIN my BG would be up in the 12's so I was pleasantly surprised to see a 5.3! Eat salad, no bolus.

4:00pm - BG 7.6mmol/l (137mg/dl)
On my way home from work. Going home to do a threshold test on the trainer. There was this big peanut butter cup in my car and it fell into my mouth!! I boloused 3u for it. (It really was big and I felt horrible guilt for eating it).

5:30pm - BG 12.1mmol/l (218mg/dl)
Pre ride BG. Okay maybe I under bolused but I want my BG a touch higher before the ride. Perhaps not THIS much higher... but the PB choco was SO FUCKING DELICIOUS and I so rarely indulge these days.

6:30pm - BG 12.6mmol/l (227mg/dl)
I got stopped mid-ride because Farrah the ferret somehow got up on the kitchen counter! I leaped over the freezer that was blocking the doorway and she launched herself off the counter onto the floor and knocked the shit out of herself. I was so worried she was hurt and sat with her in my lap (while I dripped sweat) until she came around. She knocked a plant onto the floor and the kitchen was a disaster. I didn't get back on the bike because I had too much to take care of so I only got 22mins in.
Lesson learned. No more free-run weasel.

SOOO.... this 12.6 was not a surprise. It would have come down if I got the hour of spinning in. Unfortunately life is not always smooth sailing. I rage bolused that fucker with 4u (yeah I'm a chronic over-doser) I ate some celery and hummus while waiting for Ryan to get home.

8:30pm - BG 3.8mmol/l (69mg/dl)
Well there it is. Chug a juice box while cooking dinner. Stir fry veggies with some rice noodles. No bolus.

10:00pm - BG 8.1mmol/l (146mg/dl)
Bedtime BG, nothing done. 8u of Lantus injected. Attempt sleep. aka:toss and turn all night.

4:30am - BG 6.2mmol/l (112mg/dl)
Here we go again.... another day...

in summary:
12 BG tests (not incl. the last one)
avg: 6.7mmol/l (121mg/dl)
24u of Lantus
12u of Rapid
1 juice box, 4 dex tabs, 1 banana (low treatments)
Eaten: Oatmeal, granola bar, half an apple, grape tomatoes, salad, pb choco cup, celery, stir fry.


  1. Scully, this is awesome. A 6.7 average looks great to me. I love reading how people go through their diabetes days. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice! sometimes stuff just falls into my mouth too ;)

  3. Wow!! You have the same problem as I do!! It's amazing how peanut butter cups just fall into people's mouths. We should warn other people. Watch out! Peanut butter cups may fall in! Haha.

    I would have taken a bolus for the salad before testing and would have been effed. I've done that pretty frequently since I usually bring salad for lunch. I need to learn to test more or at least, before bolusing....

  4. I discovered that one of my coworkers has bowl of peanut butter cups on her desk to entice people to visit her more. It might be working.


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