Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Slipstream in the City

I normally wouldn't use my blog to promote things but this is different. As most of you know I am involved with a supportive, exciting group of type 1 diabetics called Connected in Motion. I've written about them many times and gone on (and ON and ON and ON) about how much BETTER they help to make my life with diabetes. I could link a lot more posts but the older ones all have no pictures.

Every year (this is the 3rd year) they throw a big ass fundraiser in Toronto. It's a celebration. It's a party. It's a good time with a purpose and it's open to everybody and any body.

Y'all must know by now how much these folks mean to me since every time I write about them it's a big sappy love fest.

So what if it's a fundraising event? I am not asking for donations because that shit just ain't my thing. I'm merely pointing out that this "fundraising party" is a rocking good time. There's games and other stuff to tickle your fancy. I promise these folks will make you laugh, it's what we do at CIM!

But seriously, CIM is in need of support for the next years worth of events and outdoor education that they so lovingly provide to us T1's. By supporting CIM you are essentially supporting me so that's gotta count for something right? I encourage anybody in the area to come. Maybe you've been curious about what CIM is all about and have been too shy or too busy to come to an event? Maybe, maybe not. This is the one time of the year where T1's and all their supporters (aka: 5.5'ers) related to CIM can get together and maybe raise a bit of money. I don't know what I would do without this group and I mean that from the bottom of my broken pancreas.

So if you're local to the Toronto area and interested in some fun, come have it with me. Oh and other people too but ME!

For tickets and information:
go HERE or contact me. 

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