Friday, October 18, 2013

October 12 of 12 (sort of)

Every single month, the days leading up to the 12th I am entirely aware. The night before the 12th I look forward to capturing the day. Then the day comes and most of the time I am stupid and forget. This month we went camping so that made the 12th extra special unlike the boring work days that the 12th always seems to fall on.

It was thanksgiving here in Canadaland which usually means some sort of camping trip for me. At least that's the way it's been for the better part of a decade. This time of year also means absolutely beautiful scenery in near north Ontario with the season change. We made the long trek up to Algonquin Provincial Park (along with what seemed like the rest of Ontario). About the time that we were almost there was when it occurred to me that it was, in fact, the 12th. For fucksake man!! I had already missed most of the day. Yeah it was spent driving... and driving... and packing... and waking up at the ass crack of dawn but STILL, that could have provided some interesting photo drama!

Alas, instead I decided to semi document the trip while using it as my 12 of 12. Long explanation right? Fuck off. Go look at some pictures.

1. Our camping buddies for the weekend, Alex and Steph. Note the sunshine? Yeah, that didn't last. Why? I don't know. Some people call me the "grumps" because dark clouds seem to follow me wherever I go, especially if I'm camping.
You can also kind of tell in this picture that the change of leaves happened a bit early this year and most of the trees had dropped their leaves. It was still quite pretty but we totally missed the peak colours.
2. Sunset (stayset? because it didn't come out again until we got in the car and started driving home) at camp. We opted to stay at the same campsite both nights and go for a long day hike around the lake the following day.

3. Later that night we caught Steph looking guilty for pushing Alex off the log. We were none too impressed with her and shunned her for awhile.

4. We all made up though and shared some quiet time around the roaring fire. Normally, fires aren't much of an option because everything is usually soaking wet. That or the fires become the biggest hassle. We actually piled some of the collected firewood under the tarp that night with the expectation that it would rain. It did. Rain that is.

5. Cute picture of Steph. She's adorable.
6. Our 11'ish km hike around the lake took us to a fabulous lookout! I remember saying, "usually the lookouts that are indicated on the map are shit".  Yeah I'm not one for getting my hopes up. Pessimist much? We were all really surprised to find this amazing gem.

7. We took pictures of our mini-us but you can't really tell that's what we're doing. So it just looks like a really weird picture and Memesh the dog is totally unimpressed with our wackiness. Whatever. He's a dog. What do we care? He was probably all pooped out because we made him carry our lunch/snacks and water filter for the day in his wee backpack while we carried nothing :).

8. Back at camp later that evening we had a run-in with "monkey" who made a surprise appearance on our trip. You can clearly see in this picture that Ryan pushed him off onto his monkey head. I've got my arm up in a fist pump! WOOT WOOT! So long monkey, your monkey brains are splattered.
9. Breakfast in front of the lake on a very chilly Monday morning before leaving camp.

10. More breakfast goodies of rehydrated potato hash browns.

11. Hiking out. Notice how it's still cloudy and wet? Yup.
I'm also kind of a slow poke and am always at the back of the group trying to catch up. I'm kind of really slow. Not to mention I fart a lot. I also like looking at things and taking pictures. I'm also inevitably treating lows too. This trip was pretty great BG wise. I learned from the last trip to immediately start taking far less insulin so that's what I did and it was perfect. No crazy highs or lows.
12. Beauty trip with some good friends.


  1. Love the lookout pictures! I always look forward to your 12 of 12...


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