Wednesday, October 2, 2013

'betes brings the online to real life

Being a part of this online community of diabetics can be pretty damn awesome sometimes. I mean, why do we all know each other in the first place? All thanks to a life-long chronic disease. Okay that’s not so awesome but from a pile of shit comes friendSHIPS.

What seems like eons ago (a couple years at least) I started following a fellow Canadian T1D blog. Bethany from Winnipeg. She was the one that introduced me to the monthly 12 of 12’s! As time went on we connected more and more in private. We discovered that we had a whole lot more in common than just diabetes. We share stomach and digestive issues. We share a similar unhealthy relationship to food thanks to diabetes mostly. We share a very real phobia to vomit which may sound silly but it’s not as uncommon as one might think. We also share something very big and burdensome to the both of us, anxiety. 

These are difficult things to understand individually but put them all together and it becomes a rather vicious circle. Bethany gets it on a level nobody else does. So when we got together for the first time ever, the conversation didn’t stop for a moment. I was losing my voice by the end of our dinner when I’m sure the server was just dying to tell us we were overstaying our welcome. There’s always just so much to talk about. Alas, on that late Tuesday evening in downtown Toronto I had to drive home still, but I didn’t want to leave.

We didn’t forget to snap a picture in the hotel parking lot before the valet nerds came to chase me away for taking up a precious parking spot.

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when you meet someone for the first time that you’ve known online. Most of the time, in my experience, people are great. I’ve never met someone and been like, “oh my shitballs who is this person and are they going to kill me?”. Bethany isn't the killer-type which is good. In fact she is totally and completely awesome.

Sometimes you make a special connection that stays with you for the next few days. That’s how I felt after meeting Bethany. It’s times like that I’m glad I made that extra effort to reach out when I am usually a quiet introvert who likes to avoid social situations.

The whole drive home from downtown Toronto I was re-living all the conversations. It filled me with a relaxing sense of happiness. It actually eased a lot of anxiety. Sure Bethany and I have connected online countless times and often about our private struggles with anxiety. There’s just something truly special about sharing in real life that makes it so much different… better... REAL!

This is why I blog.


  1. Oh my shitballs this is super-cool! Thanks for sharing. You are totally right about how offline helps strengthen the online bond.

  2. It's so cool that you've managed to take an online friendship offline. Any future plans to do so again? (Not that it's any of my business).

    Oh, and Hi Bethany! Good to see you (in a picture) again!

  3. Woot! Meet-ups are the best!


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