Thursday, October 31, 2013

A mixture of differents (yes with an 's')

About this time last year is when I hung up my running shoes indefinitely. It was hard for me. I loved running. I quit for 2 reasons. First was to focus all my attention on cycling because I wanted to race better. I don't think that worked because I still suck. Second was because of the newly diagnosed osteoarthritis in my clavicle that was sidelining all of my running. 

I spent the better part of the past year on two wheels more or less. Other things were just for fun. The occasional rock climbing adventure or backpacking or following Ryan to the pool and doing 45minutes of non-stop flutter board kicking (holy-mother-fucking-ouch). Over-all my focus was cycling. 

Lately, evening rides outside after work are no more. Fuck you dark winter for that gem. Which leaves me spinning to nowhere in our living room, coating the floor in sweat. Fucking yay. You can only imagine how stoked I am for that. I don’t do well with training plans. I hate how strict they are. The more hardcore they are, the more rebellious I am and I don’t even have a coach! It’s like I’m fighting with myself.

Last week Ryan, myself and a few friends went for a trail run. Keep in mind I have only “run” a few times in the past year so I was freaking out. Sure some of the muscle memory is transferable but overall it's not. We did nearly 10km of trails and I felt surprisingly good. I didn’t even hurt the next day.

Ryan and I also did some circuit training at home. Poor stupid me had no idea what I was getting myself into. I hate weights, they bore the fuck out of me. That workout had me nauseous and shaking by the end and I was so sore by the following morning.

The next day I went climbing with an old friend. Climbing - a mostly upper body workout – after a night of weights which I never do? Ugh. Needless to say by Thursday, there wasn’t a whole lot of moving going on in the upper half of my body!

Friday we were supposed to have an archery lesson that we bought on wagjag. Upon arriving at the location we were shocked to enter in to see a toothless dirty woman showing some guy how to shoot a crossbow in what seemed to be a (cramped) converted garage. There was a senile wiener dog barely able to move that I almost stepped on and a little girl that couldn’t have been more than 3 wandering around while this guy took a shot INSIDE at a target. WITH THE CROSSBOW. We took one look at each other and got the fuck out of dodge as fast as we could and never looked back. That would have been something new.

"Let's get ready to rumble!" We were the superhero team

Lastly, was the CIM annual trampoline dodgeball event on Saturday. The most fun you’ll have while whipping balls at friends. I woke up the next day and thought maybe I got beat up during the night. Why did every muscle hurt? How can bouncing on a trampoline be so different from other exercising? I don’t know but I was fucking sore! Oh yeah, and I sprained my ankle while playing.

I am not one that works very well at focusing. If I were hardcore serious about training I would have said “no” to all those invitations to run and lift and climb and bounce to spend time spinning. I would have missed out on it all though. However I also missed out on all my cycle training for the week. Yet I don’t really feel all that guilty, maybe because it's the off-season. Sure I’m still sore in places I didn’t know existed and I’ve now got a mildly sprained ankle, but I can’t forget the advantages. Enjoying running for the first time in ages. Catching up with a friend in between climbs. Throwing balls at my closest T1 friends who I don’t get to see enough! Even the sprained ankle was worth it.

After lots of icing the mildly sprained ankle is almost better!

You gotta live some times, and for me that means being able to go with the flow. However, this is also why I’ll probably never be a great bike racer.


  1. You're so competitive! Sorry about the ankle. I say, enjoy those moments while you can, especially in the off-season. It's not like you were sitting with a Molson in front of the TV watching hockey all week.

  2. Sorry about the ankle.

    I'd never be a great bike racer either. I get bored really easily and I think the best exercise is the exercise you actually do. Trampolines, climbing, hiking, sounds good to me!


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