Friday, September 13, 2013

September 12 of 12

I think this is the first time I've posted my 12 of 12 on the day after.

I'm patiently waiting for NEXT month because the 12th is finally on a weekend. I'm kind of sick of taking boring lame ass photos of my boring lame ass work days. IT'S BORING AND LAME ASS!

Unfortunately I had no new tattoo picture to add because I haven't got any new work done in the past month.

Alas, here we go...

1. I think only one word is needed for this and that's: SIGH!
2. At lunch I went to Bulk Barn for a couple things. It's a veritable gluten free haven.
3. FINE! take it you selfish car.
4. I don't think it would be a scully 12 of 12 were it not for a picture of coffee.
5. I don't talk about my job much because it's really quite boring. I sit behind a computer drawing houses all day. This is essentially the end product - a truck full of wall panels.
6. This are something I adore. They only make 2 flavours that are gluten free and the  yellow one is my favourite. I love the little guy hugging the cow.
7. It also wouldn't be one of my 12 of 12's were it not for at least one picture of my glucose meter. I'd like to say "fuck diabetes" in this photo but the real criminal is me so... "fuck scully!" it is. Totally my fault. I was munching on some gorp (trail mix) and... well.. I picked out a few too many M&M's (like all of them). So I deserve the high BG for not bolusing enough insulin.
8. Driving home from work. The office is literally a stone's throw from the airport so low-flying planes are an interesting distraction.
9. I like to eat around the edges and save the soft middle bits for last!
10. Called up to book our thanksgiving backpacking trip which is only a month away!
11. I had to include a picture of Ryan. He's too cute to not look at. That's my husband now :)
12. It was a bit of an emotionally tumultuous kind of evening for me. I soothed my drama in chocolate.


  1. Awesome pictures! Can I ask about the GF jerky? How does it taste? And does it come with any after-effects, if you know what I mean? Thanks

    1. They're totally good for you!

      A bit expensive at $1.99 each (where I buy them). I find them delicious and absolutely no after-effects unless you think tofu breath counts.

  2. Just noticed it's October 16th...just sayin...


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