Monday, September 9, 2013

A Backcountry Honeymoon

I got married!


we went on a canoe trip for our honeymoon!

Firstly… Ryan is the BEST SHIT EVER!

The wedding? It was nothing fancy. A picnic in the park on a Thursday evening with our closest friends and family. We were wed on the 1 year anniversary of the day we met and it was as perfect and as sweet as it could have possibly been.

The canoe trip is what I really want to write about!

Two things that make canoe tripping in the back country a bazillion times funner – No insulin pump and no glasses or contacts. My plan to make myself more minimal is totally kicking ass.

So to start, I may have been a little over ambitious with my trip planning. 6 hour drive there and probably 6 hours of canoeing and portaging to get to our first campsite? After not getting to bed until midnight after the wedding the night before? Picking up the canoe and the dog? Okay, I needed a serious slap in the face, chill the fuck out scully! Needless to say after a long day of driving we arrived at the park way too late and were loading up the canoe when the torrential rain came. We would have been spending more time bailing the canoe out than we would moving across the water. So we stayed at the campground that night. It was a long wet night and everything was pretty drenched. 

We got up to discover a lone male moose just moseying around the campground. Licking cars and all. WTF?

Ryan's first time in the stern.

We set off. Ryan’s first time in a canoe and first time back country camping. We were excited despite the very grey cloudy skies, there was no turning back now. After a couple portages and lakes I took up as the bow bitch (person in the front who does nothing but paddle) and let him have a go at his first time sterning a canoe (“steering” from the back). He made a few zig zags before getting a bit of the hang of things. It took me many canoe trips to get those skills down and by the end of this trip Ryan was a pro.

If you haven't seen the photo album of "mini us" on our honeymoon you should. Either on my Facebook or Flickr page.  

We had tears streaming down our cheeks while taking some of these photos.

So we camped and canoed for 4 days cutting our trip short by a day to get back home to relax and unpack. It rained, it winded (really strong) , it sunnied, it clouded. It mostly clouded but that made for nice canoeing.  We got a chance to catch up on some much needed napping and sleeping. Fresh air and lack of stress does that! 

What I didn’t like? The constant low blood sugar! Holy snap buckets I’m glad I brought a whole container of Dex. I was going low after every bolus, every meal, every snack. All.The.Time! Our adventuring wasn’t overly physical but it was constant. Every morning pack up camp and every evening build it again after hauling boats and gear over portages. Plus the complete lack of daily stress had my diabetes head spinning like the exorcist. I was taking 1/4 of the total daily insulin that I would at home to keep the lows at bay. I figured it out by day 2 to take way less insulin despite my usual doses. If I could live off that little insulin the rest of the year I’d be ecstatic.  

Not having my pump on a back country camping trip was THE FUCKING BEST! I didn’t have to pack shit tons of pump supplies. In fact all I needed was my frio, my pens, a few extra needles and a couple syringes just in case I broke a pen. I brought some extra test strips but that was IT! It took up next to no space in Big Bertha. No worrying about ripping off or sweating through a site in the wilderness, or what to do with used pump supplies. No concerns about capsizing the canoe and wrecking my pump or having to shield it from all the rain. Not a single thought dedicated to worrying about a pump while stripping naked and bathing in the lake. It was pure fucking freedom from the equipment as well as the mental stress of worrying about breaking a life-sustaining device in the wild.

Oh and since having laser eye surgery? I can see SO MUCH MORE! And no nasty ironed-on-contact feeling from the campfire. No searching the tent for my glasses in the middle of the night to get up to go pee. No trying to get contacts in and out with dirty grubby hands. Oh and being able to see campsites and portage signs from far FAR away? FREEDOM x 2 eyes.

Food? It was hard to plan all our meals being vegan and gluten-free while attempting some modicum of healthy'ness. Or to figure out how to carry enough food to fuel the machine that is Ryan? Difficult. Given how many fruits and vegetables we eat I was actually kind of freaking out at the thought of not having those at my disposal for 5 days spare a few apples we hauled in for treats and sanity sake. We managed but my guts were all too happy to get back to real food after eating packaged “food”. We didn't bring NEARLY enough coffee either which was a massive planning faux pas on my part.

On the drive home. I was so happy to have something real.
I loved that this was our idea of a quality honeymoon. 5 days roughin' it in the woods with loads of physical exercise, bathing in the cold lake, mosquitoes galore and pooping in the forest. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better. This man is my whole world. Teaching Ryan the ways of the back-country camper was refreshing. I did a good job too, I think, because he’s all excited to do it again soon. 
... next month!

I'd like to get back to blogging more. I've had so many post ideas but they're only in my head. Now that the fucking weather is going back to fucking fuck cold fuck....... I guess I'll be indoors more and have more lame time. (I hate... HATE cold fucking weather).


  1. Best news ever! Congrats on your wedding and the fantastic honeymoon.

  2. Congratulations! Lovely pictures ... make me want to go camp ... almost

  3. Whoa... you did WHAT?! (referring to the getting married part, but the same reaction applies to bathing naked in the lake and pooping in the forest parts as well). Congratulations! Sounds like your perfect idea of a honeymoon. The freedom is enviable, even if that canoeing adventure is not one I'd choose to take.

    But the big question: do we still get to call you Scully? Cause that's such a cool name...

  4. Congratulations! Props to more adventures, less blogging (except to share those awesome adventures so that I can rough it vicariously instead of actually having to poop in the woods being the delicate flower that I am).

  5. Congrats! And the honeymoon sounded wonderful... My kind of trip! Sounds like you are making a whole bunch of life changes... Congrats again!

  6. Sooooooooooooo happy for you two! What a perfect way to celebrate!

    I would be scared of the backcountry trip because of all the preparation it would take. I'm so impressed.

  7. YES!! This makes me SOOO HAPPY for you guys!

    Congratulations, Scully! You deserve all of this awesome. :-)

  8. AWESOME!!! Congrats :) great times....

  9. Congrats on joining the land of wedded bliss ;-)

  10. Congratulations!

    I am so happy for you!

  11. Sorry I am so late commenting on your exciting news! Congratulations to you both! I am so very happy for you and wish you only the very best, now & always.


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