Friday, August 9, 2013

Riding the lumps in MA

It’ll be a chill ride, he says. I’m on a recovery week, he says.
It’s the last hill, he says – over and over and over…

Before I get into the details of the ride I’ll talk about the awesome that is Mr. Jeff Mather.

Jeff does shit. Like, big shit. The first time we met in real life he came out to Hamilton to run the historical Around the Bay 30km road race. Later that year we met in the Twin Cities to ride the 100mile Tour de Cure with the Pancremaniacs. Following that we met in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and rode our bikes around Cayuga Lake (with fellow T1D and CIM’er Andy). All of those posts, of course, are without the precious pictures. Jeff is also a 70.3 half-ironman triathlete which is no feat to ignore.

Needless to say, when we get together it’s for something big. I had talked about making a trip out to the Boston area to ride bikes with him so it was only proper that I lived up to my statement. I was welcomed into him and his wife Lisa’s home for the weekend. I had never really been out that way and was quite surprised at the beautiful, quaint New England ways. I did notice as I was getting closer to Boston just how “lumpy” the state was. “Lumpy” as they say in the Tour de France. I quietly tucked that away in my thoughts.

Lisa and Jeff were kind enough to tromp my ass around downtown Boston for the day exploring the city. I can’t really say anything special about Boston. It’s kind of another big city like many big cities and I’m not really a huge fan of them. I only had a couple anxiety attacks. Me and crowds of people just don’t get along. I was excited to experience it though and glad I finally got to see the city.

The hills were still in the back of my mind knocking obtrusively.

I didn’t ask Jeff about the route he had planned mostly because I didn’t want to know. I would have stared at those bumps obsessively hoping I could shoot laser beams from my eyes to blast them away. It’s what I do. Not the laser beam shooting although that would be cool. I stare at elevation maps thinking the longer I stare at them the less intimidated I would be. I’m glad I didn’t know. Within the first 10 minutes of the ride I turned to Jeff and said, “Is this a hilly route?” His response, “Fairly”. ‘nuff said. Clearly, however, my version of “fairly” and his version of “fairly” speak different languages.

Jeff's picture trying to capture a climb

I kept waiting for the road to level out even just for a few kms. It was like a slap in the face as the mileage increased and that thought was forced out of my  mind. Okay Jeff, your state has not a flat road to be seen. With every ascent we came back down and every time the road reached a low point it immediately started climbing again. Up, down, up, down. Sweat, rinse, repeat.

I did not complain except for one big long extended hill that I wasn’t expecting at all. One of those climbs where with every corner it kept going up and you’re like, “WTF!”. I accused Jeff of trying to kill me which he expected me to say. I had to sit down after this climb because I tried to drink too much Pineapple Skratch (disgusting btw) too quickly which caused stomach turning dizziness.

Resting my ill-feeling belly

After a while I resorted to making peace with my granny gears. See the climb, downshift, yell at my legs, get to the top. I didn’t have much left in me to go racing down the ascents knowing another hill was undoubtedly just over there. There were some times near the end of the ride I seriously thought my legs would not turn up another climb. I made them go despite the burning. I also learned that when Jeff says, “that’s the last one”, to not trust the man. He’s sweet ‘n all but a liar! :P

Okay maybe not a "liar", that is too sweet of a man to be a liar.

Despite the difficulty of the lumps we had a GREAT ride. We probably talked about the whole of the DOC (just kidding… maybe). Our conversations (while not huffing and puffing up hills) are always awesome. He is, after all, my DBFF and no one’s gonna take that title away from him. The roads were nice and the scenery was beautiful.

We both had some very lovely BGs for the most part. I started a wee bit higher than I like but got into my groove and kept 'em in line for the rest of the ride. Until I tanked on the way home but that's not important :). We had no lows while out riding for the many hours that we did and that's an accomplishment. I enjoyed hearing the beeps from Jeff's jersey pocket. I don't miss my insulin pump for a moment but the familiarity of the sounds were nice.

As for the confiscated insulin-in-a-tree story, I think that deserves a post all of it's own so stay tuned.

Now for some random pictures from both mine and Jeff's camera.

Jeff goes out a lot more prepared than I do. Check out those pockets!

A small correction bolus

Jeff likes to call this my old man picture. Like I'm about to tell a story.

Without diabetes I would never know this dude so for that, I am eternally grateful.


  1. Am I a lying liar-pants? Maybe... but not intentionally. And, really, it was more like "That's supposed to be the biggest climb of the day" and "We're at the high point of the ride," which were all true. Okay, as for the "last" hill (which wasn't actually the last one because I blew past a turn on the descent) I'll own up to that one. Plus, I can always blame MapMyRide for giving elevation numbers that were 50% off compared to our Garmins. Anyway, hills are good for you! :^)

  2. That looks totally awesome. Good for you guys for doing it.

    Sometimes when I am out on a ride and I am on one of those never ending hills i start to make up words in my head that mean a lot worse than "fuck this fucking hell why the fuck am I doing this"

    I usually stick with that phrase though. old faithful. Can't wait to read about the insulin in a tree. I have been intrigued ever since the picture you posted on FB

  3. Not gonna lie, first thought that popped into my head when I saw that picture of you lying on the grass was "Damn! Look at those legs!!" Glad you had fun in the Boston area!

  4. Looks like a sweet day out! The old man pose made me giggle...and like Ali says above, damn girl you got some good legs!! Very much looking forward to hearing about the insulin in the tree as well :)

  5. Yeah....holy shit you've got some quads!

    I'm glad it was a good (and terrible-in-a-good-way) ride. You guys both rawk. And I hope you said nice things about me ;)

  6. ha ha to the old man about to tell a story face. well, let me tell ya this one time...


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