Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 12 of 12

This 12th was yet another rather uneventful day.
I left for work after very little sleep. Ryan was sick with what we can only assume was a gastritis attack. He was up most of the night vomiting. I couldn't stand to leave him home alone but knew there wasn't much I could do.

1. Morning sunrise on my commute. It's a bummer that it's already dark again when I leave for work.

2. New sticker on my coffee mug of the brand of our fixies.

3. Super concernicus Scully. I'm totally fucking worried about Ryan. He'd been vomiting constantly for close to 10 hours by this point. 

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The office swill. I had to leave work for my endo appointment so I didn't take a lunch break. I was so tired it was ridiculous.

5. Why is it that anything with the word "douche" is totally hilarious to me? Not to mention the shape of this bad boy. They have a cabinet with all sorts of antique medicine bottles and shit at my endo's office.

6. Finally on my way  home to Ryan. 

7. I made some rice for him for the next day hoping it would be easily digestible. Then I left it out on the counter all night by accident. SIGH!

8. Upon arriving home I had to work all night on some freelance. I felt like I was already walking around in a cloud of sleep deprivation. This was torture.

9. I keep seeing my glasses on the desk. I put them there because I wanted to drive over them with my car and get a picture. So long spectacles. I really need to do that so I can toss these bitches out.

10. Ryan had a fever encroaching on 103F. Tylenol wasn't helping. It was either a cold shower or take his clothes off and sit in front of the fan with ice packs on his body. He chose the ladder. I was at least kind enough to not take a picture of him shivering in agony.

11. It's 11 o'clock at night. I've been working for nearly 15 hours and hardly eaten a thing all day due to my worrying about Ryan. PB and banana it is.

12. Lastly as per usual here is a pic from the recent sit on my sleeve (from Saturday). There's still quite a bit more to do but I'll get there.

Ryan was feeling somewhat okay the next day. He went to work and did a skateboard show for some rich people. We're hoping to continue to work towards getting some docs to help him out but it hasn't been easy. They don't care enough to do further testing.


  1. Hope Ryan is feeling better.
    Your sunrise is beautiful.

  2. I don't care how sick or miserable someone is --- showing them a Birmingham Nasal Douche is bound to make them laugh and smile -- and perhaps become a bit fearful as well. Hold on to that... it's a treasure in disguise. (I have no idea what it is, by the way)

  3. That nasal douche picture had me laughing hysterically at my desk. Throw the word douche in and it is automatically hilarious! On a more serious note, I hope that Ryan is getting better and also that he can find some kind of help from the doctors. I cannot imagine how frustrating this is for him (and you).

  4. I sure hope Ryan is doing better Scully. xo

  5. Sure hope everyone is feeling better! I really like your day in pictures layout ... Very clever

  6. they should bring back the nasal douche. doubles as bong-dildo?

    i loved this post.

    it's beside the point, but your office coffee cups are very pretty.


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