Monday, July 22, 2013

Ride for the love of cycling.

Last week our planned 100 miler wenthorribly wrong. Although we eventually DID complete 100 miles (161kms), it was not as planned. This week we made our 2nd attempt at the route I had mapped out. We only made a couple wrong turns but it didn't really affect the route distance.

It was the most beautiful day possible. Perfect temperatures and gorgeous blue skies. Quite the change from last weeks’ sauna conditions. We covered the first half of the ride at break neck speeds. Seriously, I thought our necks were going to break right off! Okay, I’m kidding, but we were going at a nice clip.

"It's a Gas Fest!"


We made a pit stop at 55km to have a snack and refill on water. I bought a package of mini cucumbers which I shoved in my jersey pockets and munched on for awhile. Fun ride food because it’s tasty, crunchy and juicy. It just didn't pack a lot of calories.

We made it to Lake Erie this time. It smelled really bad for some reason. We found a nice spot to relax by the water and take a break.

We were detoured away from the lake due to a closed bridge, so inland we went. I was starting to get like super duper hungry. We made our way to another city along the planned route. Alas, a premature wrong turn by my dumb self had us going in the completely wrong direction. We ended up “haggard in Haggarsville” looking for lunch. We were at 100km by this point.

Sitting on cow manure outside of the store feeling totally defeated.

This is where I had a major breakdown. I was bonking and really just needed some food other than the shit in my jersey. We tried a restaurant that was only serving breakfast. The only thing on the menu that I could eat was hash browns. Toast, eggs, cheese, meat…… I’m a celiac vegan in a world of hell. Okay, plan B. We went to the grocery store nearby. Did I mention this was a po-dunk crap-ass town in the middle of fucking nowhere? I need something more than just fruits and vegetables. I thought I could find some rice crackers and hummus. They were sold out of hummus and not a rice cracker to be seen in the whole store. What the fuck? Now I was REALLY losing my mind. I came out of the store in a temper tantrum. Ryan had 2 bananas so we ate those and rode to the next town in search of sustenance. I'm surprised we were riding in a straight line.

We found a much better grocery store and I got my rice crackers and hummus. FINALLY, something I can eat. I really hate my dietary restrictions. If only I could eat bread...

By now Ryan was complaining of major leg/quad/knee pain. He was in agony for the next 40km home. Here we were again, our goal was to just get home. He was in too much pain and was rendered to cycling mostly with one leg. Slow and steady.
Checking directions
Back in town we had 6km to go while we sat at a Starbucks so I could have a desperately needed coffee kick. It was hard but I convinced him that we just go the fuck home and call it a day. We had nothing to prove. 155km or 161km? Who cares!! My BG tanked hard for the first time all day. I over-bolused the crackers and hummus. So we slowly rolled the 1km home. Ryan iced his knee, I sat on ice.

Trying to get home. Stopped to stretch

We both had SO much energy but something was wrong with his leg. I even had enough in the tank to sprint down the escarpment (my favourite climb) at 150km into the ride. Yeah I was trying to get a Strava segment even though I was exhausted. We cleaned the apartment and had cold showers. We've had no hot water at our apartment for a few days. That's what you get for renting a shit hole I guess.

My diabetes was absolutely stellar. I reduced my morning Lantus from 16 to 10 units and took half my breakfast bolus. I didn't have to eat a shit ton of gels and chews to keep my beeg up. I drank like 6 bottles of water and 2 bottles of HoneyMaxx. I stayed in the 6’s (120’s) most of the day which made me a very happy girl. I had the one low at the end while sitting at Starbucks but not a single high or low for the rest of the night – all night! I reduced my pm Lantus from 10 to 6 units to prevent overnight lows which would be imminent had I taken a regular dose.

I carried 3 pre-loaded syringes each with 3u of rapid insulin each. Far more than I would ever need on a ride like that but just in case, I have it. I figured if I absolutely needed more I could just buy it. I thank Missy Foy who gave me the great advice for what she does on her long runs. It’s more convenient than carrying my whole insulin pen which I would have to throw out at the end of the day. It would get cooked in my jersey facing the sun for all those hours.

We had some Burrito Boys, Ryan’s favourite place, for dinner. Here I get the burrito fillings in a salad form instead and without the veggie meat cuz it’s loaded with gluten. BUT, they give me some sweet potato J.

Best ride ever with the best person EVER! He thinks it was some sort of tendonitis in his Quad. He iced it constantly and was feeling much better.


  1. I'm sorry... I can't think... Burrito Boyz is taking over my thoughts...

    Congrats on an overall great ride!

  2. Wow- sounds like a great ride! Glad your D behaved so stellar-like during the ride. And it sounds like a challenge, but like they say: "No pain, no gain"... right? :) Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Everytime I read one of your blog posts I'm constantly amazed by what you can do. 150km is amazing to me. Congrats! - #dblogcheck

  4. Really enjoy reading your blog! #dblogcheck

  5. So glad to hear that this ride went better - even with the food troubles and Ryan's leg bothering him.

  6. love the gas and poop that always seems to find it's way into your rides! :)

  7. I envy your stamina on a bike. I can't imagine ever going that long just for "fun" - #dblogcheck

  8. I'm exhausted just reading this... I need to go have a lie-down.

    Seriously, you do rock, you know that?

  9. I like the idea of pre-loaded syinges ... Thanks

  10. Sounds like one heck of a day.

  11. Is that a mini cucumber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me??? (Sorry, I totally couldn't resist.)

  12. Again, as always - I get tired just reading about everything you do.
    Love the photos!

  13. I so need to get to Selkirk! (Haggarsville, not so much. And sitting on manure while contemplating eating the shit in your jersey can be taken in more ways than one).

    I really admire you, Scully. Yeah, you tend to complain about things sometimes, but that's because you push yourself to the limits and take chances. Me, I surround myself with the protection of my air-conditioned home and Chevy SUV and lead an otherwise boring life. Yours sounds like a lot more fun.

  14. Poop!

    So glad you write about POOP!!

    Also the red line on the map at the top is so much more boring than the map from your last post!

  15. I love that you love riding so much! Even when it doesn't go so well.

  16. ¡Me gusta burritos! Sounds like a fun ride with a little bit of tired and pain thrown in for spice.


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