Friday, July 19, 2013

July 12 of 12

I'm a bit late on this. Late by a whole week actually.
Furthermore, last Friday the 12th was a pretty lame-ass boring day to say the least. Nothing exciting or interesting happened. I went to work. I came home and did some laundry. We ate dinner and watched some documentaries. That's it. Talk about the most lamest Friday night in history.

So.... there may be some duplicates. Ryan accused me of just "taking pictures to get the 12 shots" which I was completely guilty of. Near the end there was nothing creative about it what-so-ever.

But.... I ain't no quitter!
1.  It was Friday the 12th but all morning my glucose meter thought it was the 13th. Although 13's mmol/l (230mg/dl) is not that high, a persistent all-morning long 13 makes me feel like crap.

2. I'm tired of being so tired

3. Authentic made bike chain bracelet given to me by Ryan when he proposed. WAAY better than a diamond :).

4. On my way to the next picture (Hey it's Friday). I LUUURVE graffiti art. 

5. This is where I was going (for lunch). My precious Americano addiction.

6. This is my old road bike that I gave to Ryan. It's now his commuter bike outfitted with panniers. It has been nicknamed the "Winnebago".

7. Okay so this picture is from the 6th but I needed ONE more picture. I noticed I've been posting updates of my tattoo on my 12 of 12's so I thought I'd throw this in there.

8. Walking to the store to be unhealthy. We bought chocolate and potato chips. Oh the HORROR!

9. I told you there were some doubles. I'm really struggling by this point to get pics.

10. This is where Ryan was all, "You're not even trying any more!". He was right. 

11. Totally unimpressed that I put this up on here because he knew that's what I was doing.

12. Lastly (finally!). While Ryan was swimming in the lake earlier this week he found some treasure.

Hopefully next month the 12th will be a far more interesting day.


  1. I love the engagement bracelet. So much more creative and personal than a ring. Congrats to you both! Also, the tattoo is looking wicked. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done!

  2. I LUUURVE the bike chain bracelet!

  3. My 'it is/was a totally boring day' is now no longer valid...thanks, bi-otch! ;)
    And to think that my July 12th could have been pretty exciting since that's the day my mother flew in for a surprise visit....I SUCK!

  4. I never find loot in the lake... unless you count the occasional abandoned/lost swim goggles. I need to swim where Ryan does, obviously.


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