Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CIM Finger Lakes Cycling Tour

Connected in Motion peeps do some cycling in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

I had a hard time getting there.
I left work early but it was a rainy mess and a 5 hour drive at most ended up taking 8. Crossing the border was a bit of a nightmare and I got stuck with a rude customs officer. He sent me to have my car searched by the slowest slob on the planet who repacked my car with crates against my derailleur and my pillow laying on my greasy chain. I always travel with food and I always declare it but I never get searched. The details are irrelevant at this point but I almost got charged $300 for 2 kiwis, an avocado, a pear and an apple. I was immediately greeted with Friday rush hour Buffalo traffic once I got through. Fucking wonderful. It was a long drive in constant rain but I got there right before dark and the rain let up for the night.

Chex to treat a low while driving and then needing insulin to cover all the EXTRA Chex that I ate. Dinner of champions.

The rusty nail!
We hit the roads in the morning and set off for a day of cycling. There were only 4 of us on bikes and 1 driver. We let our leader, Andy, guide the way. It wasn't long into the ride before one of my tires made a *SsssPEW* sound. We found a big fat rusty nail as the culprit. As we were on the side of the road the sky opened up. We took some refuge inside a winery as it blew over. What fools we were thinking the day would be dry. Back on the bikes and another downpour that let up as we were stopping for lunch (at another winery). Conveniently there were some U-pick cherry trees which we totally gorged on.

Saci is taking insulin for the pocketfulls of cherries.

We waited out another downpour but….

Back on the road and within 10 minutes, hello thunderstorm! We turned off the main road and Saci had a broken spoke as well as some very low BG. You can’t tell because he’s smiling so much, I wish lows would make ME laugh like that. With the evil spoke removed by our bike mechanic (Andy), the nipple was now loose inside the tire. This would help for jokes later in the day about Saci's nipple. With the low treated and all phones, glucose meters and the such packed in Ziplocks we were on our way again.

The weather flip flopped between rain and sun all the
while we pedalled mostly happily. One more flat tire on Andy's bike and that makes 3 mechanical issues in one day. We finished off our day under dry skies, a camp fire and loading up on calories. 100km ridden. I think we all had a good nights sleep with no post exercise lows. Well, except for that gluten free pasta which I forgot to mention to the non celiac folks how it doesn't spike like regular pasta. Sorry for causing more s'mores consumption than planned. ;)

This night I discovered that garlic in a wound stings like a mo'fo. Shame aside? I tipped over on my bike in a parking lot because I'm an idiot and didn't get my clip out in time. Mangled up the same knee that I have cut or scraped 7 times in the past year. Then I knelt on some garlic by accident. HOLY MOLY OUCH! Who knew? I do know.

The next morning we packed up and drove to a more remote camp site up in the hills of the Finger Lakes National Forest. Here we had the entire place to ourselves and it was HUGE and beautiful. We left on our bikes for the second day of hot sunny riding weather. The day began with a massive descent down to a very picturesque Seneca Lake. This helped spin our bikes off from dirt, grit and mud left over from the day before. My legs felt like they were taking forever to warm up. I probably should have stretched the night before.

BEAUTIFUL views of Seneca Lake

 With every foot of descent all I could think of was, "we eventually, somehow, have to get all the way back up to that camp site." What goes down.....

My legs never DID warm up and remained achy and somewhat dead inside for most of the day. We moved much slower but it didn't matter because it was beautiful riding with good company. Not a single mechanical issue this day! Though Saci's nipple was still loose in his wheel.

There were a few more low'ish BG numbers this day but nothing that left us laying on the side of the road (I've been there before) I had amazing Beeges and was quite happy with my management. Lowered Lantus and almost no bolus insulin thanks to my bike! This is not to say we didn't eat and drink constantly, because we did. HoneyMaxx all the way! I love that shit.

The second day we covered 70km with the same amount of climbing as the first day (roughly 900m/3000ft).

The day ended with the dreaded climb back up to camp along a mostly dirt road. I psyched myself out so much during the day that when it came time it wasn't all that bad. I was so relieved when I reached the top. I wasn't going fast by any means but the others stopped to adjust a derailleur. This meant I could take pictures of them on their climb!

Saci is a speed machine.

Tammy and Andy, home sweet campsite!

We finished out the day with a bath in a pond instead of a baby wipe shower. It rained some more as we cleaned and cooked. Luckily it held off long enough for us to have a roaring bonfire and some laughs though. It rained some during the night and all the next morning but the weekend was over. It doesn't surprise me though, wet stuff falling from the sky seems to follow me everywhere I go when I want to ride a bike.

Next year will be a better year. Hopefully we will have more participants with different pace groups that will cover other distances. Major thanks goes to Andy for organizing this whole thing. A special kudos goes to Vicki for driving the support van and being so reliable and appreciated! Such a good time and none of this would have happened if it weren't for type 1 diabetes and Connected in Motion.

We all had stellar beeges for the most part and I think we did pretty darn well for cycling over 170km with diabetes in tow. I am absolutely tickled pink at how I am succeeding at diabetes on injections. Looks like my insulin pump is going to collect a lot of dust from now on. If I can do that weekend with almost no crazy fluctuating blood sugars? I'm golden. Stick me with as many needles as I have to, it's better than a pump any day.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, despite the rain. I love that part of the world (I really like Trumansburg), but you're right... it's very hilly. Congratulations on a great ride.

  2. It looks like you are injecting insulin into your heart in the first pic. Nice!

  3. This sounds awesome!

    Haha, only you - "Then I knelt on some garlic by accident." :)

  4. This sounds so awesome, and it's super fun to see pics of Andy and the others. I'm in awe of you all and your cycling prowess. :-)

    I hope someone bought Andy's lunch for the weekend after putting him to work fixing everyone's bikes. Hah!

  5. Finger Lakes... I was born in upstate New York so that's my family's old stomping (camping) grounds. Looks beautiful even with the rain!

  6. The only part I don't like about this story is that I'm not in it!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! Next time I'll have to get myself there. (Hurry up, August!)


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