Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A century to remember (A Sunday in Hell?)

This is way too long (of course) but it's laced with photos at least!

It was overcast when we woke up at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday morning. We were groggy as a result of taking sleeping pills to help drown out our old folk neighbours who were partying. Yeah, we were the ones shaking our fists wishing they would turn it down. It was like 11 pm! On a Saturday night? How dare they!

What? I couldn't contain my laughter. I didn't get the name "fartybum" for no reason!

We had planned this 100 mile ride to celebrate US and our newly engaged selves. We were so damn excited about it. I mapped out a big fucking route but it didn't go as planned (does it ever?). Firstly, I'm an idiot and mixed up my rides. I had us riding in the almost wrong direction and not for a little while, for like 40 kms! Not long after that Ryan was getting whacked with some nasty nausea.

I will interject here…. Between Ryan and myself it’s not uncommon for one or both of us to be dealing with nausea of some sort. Because of this ailment that we both share, we are very empathetic when one of us “just isn't feeling well”. This time it happened to be him. We continued on hoping it would pass, which it didn't. I got increasingly concerned trying to figure out what it could be. He was hydrated and fueled. It wasn't even that hot out yet. We were going at a pretty slow, relaxed pace. Then it hit me. The Vega protein powder he had in his shake that morning. Vega has been causing both of us serious stomach upset. We bought some more to give it a whirl again and that morning he cracked open the container. There's no denying the culprit because the next day he tried it again and with the SAME nauseous results.

We stopped in the shade and sat on the side of the road. He really wasn't well. Call my mum? Call a cab? Continue? Head home? We were so far away from home. Luckily – because we both suffer from spontaneous nausea we had Gravol with us. He took some and we decided to take the quickest route back home. If he felt he couldn't ride any more, we would call. We conceded at this point that our goal would not be met.

Trying to regain himself 

Once back in the vicinity of town we found a picnic table in the shade to rest. Gravol was helping and Ryan was feeling better albeit groggy. Huzzah! Back in the saddle but lunch was needed since his appetite was back. Can I just say having celiac is a major pain in the ass?! I had an option of salad from a pita place which to me means crap lettuce. I didn't want a fucking salad. I had an iced coffee and part of a granola bar. Mistake? Most definitely.

Then THIS happened! Oh the HORROR!

Later we finally made it to the beach except it was the wrong lake. There was barely a postage stamp of space available anywhere so it looked like a dunk in the lake was just more trouble than it was worth. Walking across the sand in cycling shoes with our bikes on our shoulders in the most oppressive heat and with the hoards of people…. I had an anxiety attack.

We had been dying to try this vegan gluten free restaurant so we went there. It was kind of far away. It closed at 4 and we got there 10 minutes to 4. I could barely make it in the parking lot. The heat had finally had it’s way with me and I was very close to the point of no return. I've been there SO many times. All I wanted was ice. This was the second time I almost called for a pick-up.

We were close to home. Within 20 kms. I was damned if my two legs weren't going to take me there somehow. We felt better after eating so even if we had to coast all the way home, we would make it.


10 minutes later I was dying for an icy cold bubbly beverage. My vice is Coke Zero when I'm in crazy exercise heat exhaustion. I don’t know why, I don’t like it any other time. We stopped and then my BG tanked, hard. Like when it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I struggled through waves of nausea as I melted. Had the phone out… again. It passed and we got back on the wheels. A couple kms from our beckoning home Ryan stops me and asks what our mileage is. 147km. He looks at me and doesn't even need to speak. “Yup” is all I really mutter. 14 more kms and that’s 100 miles (160.93kms to be exact). We rode around the neighbourhood almost in tears. Maniacal laughter kind of tears.

I reduced my Lantus in the morning but otherwise took 4 units of insulin during the ride. I ate 2 packages of clif shots, 2 GU’s, 2 granola bars and a banana. I had only one bottle of HoneyMaxx. I KNOW I should have had way more. Oh and some toast smothered in almond butter and jam. I ran on the low side all day which wasn't all that great but better than being high in my mind.

6:45am: 3.4mmol/l (61mg/dl)
9:45am: 5.2 (94)
10:45am: 4.3 (77)
12:30pm: 6.7 (120)
2:45pm: 9.7 (175) 2u insulin - correction
3:45pm: 6.4 (115) 2u insulin – toast (I forgot the 2u I took only 1 hr before)
4:45pm: 3.3 (60) Oops
5:00pm: 5.6 (100)
6:45pm: 4.6 (83)
7:00pm: 5.2 (94) HOME!
8:30pm: 8.3 (150) post homemade (GF and vegan) pizza – take 2u, fall asleep while watching a documentary (BBC Truth About Food)
11:00pm: 2.4 (43) sweaty and shaky body alarm

Average BG 5.2mmol/l (93mg/dl). That may seem like a lot of testing but we were out for 12 hours on and off the bikes. I'm glad I didn't struggle with more lows. My bad, I needed more nutrition than I took. I just don’t know where to stash it all when my pockets are already EXPLODING! For the record, I tossed my insulin when I got home. It was hanging out in my jersey pockets in high 30C (100F) heat all day exposed to the sun.

The whole damn ride. Looks like a bat or something. It sure doesn't LOOK like 100 miles.

First half of the ride (click picture to read comments)

Second half of the ride

Wrecked? uhmm... yeah just a little ;)

It may have taken us ALL FUCKING day but when we finally pulled up to the front door ready to collapse, we smiled. We are the best damn team for each other. Through insane heat, sickness, BG woes, beach-induced anxiety and crotch agony we did it. In the end, that’s all that mattered to us. It was one heck of an intense and somewhat awful adventure. It was probably the slowest I've ever ridden but speed wasn't the purpose. It was the best damn day.  

.....and I sat on an ice pack when I got home.


  1. "newly engaged selves" What?! Yippee!! Congrats and way to be there for each other. What more does anyone need but someone who understands and supports them?

  2. Way to persevere! Maybe next time you two get engaged in the Spring so you can ride when it's 20 degrees out...

    Great photos, especially the one at the top of the page, which caused me to laugh at work, which caused my co-workers to wonder what's wrong with me.

  3. you two are such bad-asses! love that you push and support each other through the shit! :)

  4. NC mountain BruceJuly 16, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    Great post, you did push each other to completion.

  5. Yeah, you kinda played that, "Oh hey, we're engaged" bit a little subtly there. Congrats on finishing a great ride while starting a new adventure!

  6. Can't wait to see how you celebrate anniversaries!
    Congratulations, BIG hugs to both of you.

  7. Ummm... did I miss the customary engagement post?! Congrats!!

    Also, that bike chain grease mark would make an awesome tattoo!

  8. You guys are so awesome.

    Sorry that the ride was riddled with yuck, but you two sure made the most of it!

    So happy to read the newly engaged part. You guys really go well together, and I'm super happy for you both! I hope to have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Scully someday. :-)

    And you know, Sara might be onto something with that tattoo idea... :-)


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