Friday, April 5, 2013


What? You don't sit in meetings doodling a "migraine"?

I don’t know if it’s the glasses, the weather or what but it’s annoying. By the time I notice it’s presence, it’s too late. I take an Advil and hope that today, ibuprofen works. Sometimes it doesn't and it’s an acetaminophen craving migraine. I wait a good 45 minutes to an hour to find out which its going to be today. All the while I've shut my blinds and I'm squeezing my head non-stop with my fingers. I let my hair down out of it’s pony tail and contemplating pulling my hoodie up. My stomach is upset and I have no choice but to
continue working.

Staring at all these coloured lines on a black screen zooming in and out and panning all around makes things hella worse. I can’t just go to a cold dark room, I'm at work. Though the refrigerated server room is mighty tempting. Everything is sensory overload. Office noises like the sound of the copy machine beeping and whirring. The phone ringing and I have to answer it. People mussing about and talking.  The traffic on the highway outside. It’s like nails being jammed into my eyeballs, especially the fluorescent lights. I want to put my head into a vice because THAT would probably feel better than this. Oh migraines, they are a regular part of my days lately and I can’t stand it.

I don’t get the puke crazy migraines but it’s been close when I let it go too far. I get long lasting ones. They hang around for days on end. I set my alarm to take Advil or Tylenol on an almost hourly basis.

What is it from?
Often times (or so I thought) it was due to weather. I get them particularly bad in the fall and spring. I also feel like its my piss poor vision. I don’t see well with my glasses. I also don’t see well with contacts and I'm blind without either. I wear glasses as the lesser of two evils but I really hate them.

In two months I'm having laser eye surgery and I am desperately curious to see if I suffer fewer migraines. Desperately hoping more like it.

Until then… another hour, another pill.


  1. My wife sometimes gets bad migraines, and I feel so awful for her - they seem so miserable. I'm sorry you're dealing with them, too.

  2. You really haven't truly enjoyed a migraine until you spend 8 hours vomiting. I know how bad you suffer sweets. At least we're two peas in a pod with migraines.

  3. Ugh! I deal with headaches, bad headaches, that the medical gurus can't say what they are....not migraine, not tension, not cluster...but man, they suck!
    Mine tend to be barometric pressure related, so changes in weather suck for me.
    Hope yours reacted well to meds and was gone quickly!!

  4. ugh, i lost today to a migraine. i take tylenol with codeine but if i don't get to it fast enough, the migraine lasts and lasts and i take it every 6 hours and when it's all finally over, i feel brain damaged for another whole day.

    your drawing is perfect. really catches the jazzy, edgy, barfy vibration of the thing.

  5. Did the laser eye surgery help at all?

    1. YES! it did! At first as I was adjusting to being able to see it was overwhelming and that caused many weeks of migraines. Once I was adjusted I stopped getting the migraines I get from over straining. Now I just get regular ones.


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