Monday, April 15, 2013

April 12 of 12

It's that time again!

Today was special. I took the day off work ahead of time for... well... you'll see.

1. It was a "LOW" kind of morning (after a middle of the night low).

2. Saying goodbye to Ryan as he left for work. Normally I'm always the one out of the house first. Watching him leave is the worst part of my day.

3. I went back to bed to lounge and drink more coffee.

4. Cooked up some of my super Scully burn-your-throat ginger tea. I make batches of this super concentrated tea and then freeze it into ice cubes. Between Ryan's gastritis and my always unhappy stomach this is the shit. 2 ice cubes in a mug of hot water eases whatever ails us.

5. I'm doing another daily prompt thing on Flickr and today's prompt is "shoes". I hate shoes. I hate hate HATE THEM! I hate them so much! I am barefoot whenever I possibly can be.

7. Another one bites the dust.

8. Watering "Eddie", the money tree. So far it has produced no money. I'm starting to think this thing is a scam. I've kept him alive for like 6 years, how much longer?

9. I had a crazy leg workout the night before (future blog post to come on my new leg workout) so I did some rolling with the best fucking roller EVER!

10. On my way to the reason I booked the day off work. We are going to a birthday party tomorrow night and were asked to bring a round of cocktails. Neither I nor Ryan drink and I felt like a weirdo in the liquor store. I was lost.

11. So this is what I justify booking a day off work for. It's not for everyone, I understand that. I'm working on finishing my sleeve and the bottom half is already done.

12. Hi MUM! Don't kill me! I know you don't adore my skin art but I hope you still love me! I swear I won't say "this is it!" any more.

It's just the line work right now and the shading and colouring will come in due time. I'm pretty stoked about how it's going to turn out. Giddy actually to see the complete arm sleeve. The artist doing it is also loving the oddity of my choice of design which is a good sign that I've got something outside of the walls of normal. We all know how much I strive to be non-conforming.

May 12, it'll be here soon. Hopefully so will some warmer weather.


  1. i love these 12 and 12 days. greats as always.

  2. I guess that's not something you go and do on your lunch hour... I think it looks cool without the colour (and I'm not a big fan of body art). Nice pics!

  3. Very cool! I expect a full 12 of 12 dedicated to the finished product so we can see all the details.

  4. Awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Saweet! I cannot wait to see how it turns out and also to hear how you chose the design. Also intrigued to hear about this new leg workout! I am with you on the no shoes. I am barefoot as much as I can be.

  6. The tattooing is turning into a much bigger project than I had ever imagined. One of these days, you'll walk past a Yakuza guy, and he'll think, "Damn! That girl has a lot of tattoos!" :^)


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