Thursday, March 7, 2013

...and diabetics everywhere go ape shit...

Disclosure: I am not being forced to blog within the confines of a kindergarten room any more so this is very much my obnoxious expletive self today. I speak candidly because... well... I can. This surely isn't going to get me any brownie points.

The past few days it was like a bomb of poo went off on the internet with regards to the DOC. Don’t you know? EVERYBODY is talking about it. It’s like the biggest news since diabetes was invented. Here, let me short form it for you because I'm getting tired of reading about it too. 

  • This dude puts out an opinionated teaser about a “cure”
  • Diabetics everywhere start crying and praising jebus (oh for fucksake)
  • Next day, THIS VIDEO gets released
  • Diabetics go ape shit

Eventually the hype will blow over and we’ll all go back to our regular ways of stabbing ourselves and blood-letting  Not before we all have a kick at the opinionated can first. MYSELF INCLUDED.

Okay. I read the teaser and my first reaction was….. BULLSHIT. I didn't for a moment believe any of it. I'm not saying I'm holier than thou, I'm just seriously skeptical of anything. A teeny part of me was super curious. I was curious because this man speaks for a reputable source and seemed genuinely hopeful which made me wonder can anybody be so stupid and 2.this must be a really good ploy. I am cynically pessimistic. I am a hard person to convince because I go into things expecting the worst. I generally hold my guard up to avoid disappointment. I also simply don’t believe there is a “cure” for Type 1 Diabetes. I wasn't so much bothered by his teaser post as I was at all the comments it received from readers. I found the reactions unsettling. The amount of people crying and sobbing from happiness makes me wonder what is wrong with the world? Show me some real scientific evidence.

So yeah, when I watched that video with Ryan over coffee the next morning he saw a few eye rolls from me. I didn't budge. I held out until the end of the video because I just fucking KNEW better than to let myself get carried away. It was 1-part real hope and 999-parts PR fundraising scam. “here, this is what you COULD have oh but you can’t have it.” I turned the video off and went on with my day. Just the same way I do every day of my goddamned life. Inject, test, carry on. The video was everything I was expecting... bullshit. So I wasn't disappointed.

Here’s something about me that y’all may scoff at. I refuse to donate to charities. Especially diabetes charities. I spend so much money out of my own pocket and sacrifice things in my life just to stay alive. I don’t have a lot of extra money and the last thing I'm going to spend it on is a fucking diabetes charity. Why? Because it’s never going to benefit ME. When it comes right down to it, my only concern is my own health. These companies receive bazillions of dollars but none of it ever benefits me. Research? yeah right, pay cheques, marketing and advertising more like it.

Tell us what you really think Scully, (as if you have a choice, bahaha). There could quite possibly be a cure out there (even though I don’t believe such a thing exists). There could be a better treatment that is accessible to everybody but we’ll never know. Why? Pharma. That’s why. Diabetes is REALLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE. It’s a business and these companies make money off of us, lots of it. The cost for me to live is EASILY upwards of $10,000 a year (I live in Canada, so I don’t pay for doctors). Are you trying to tell me that these companies don’t have some sort of pull over what happens? They don’t care about us or our health, face it. We are simply their business. They have a product and we are a consumer. We are all just dollar signs. Non-invasive glucose monitoring EXISTS people, we've seen it and read about it. We don’t have access to it because it isn't a money hog (cash cow?) like test strips. Who is really going to let something through that doesn't bring customers back again and again for product?

The BioHub seems like a neat idea but I'll believe it when I SEE it becoming accessible to ME. It's not even something that has undergone testing to know if it even works. It's just a fucking idea right now and that's the worst thing about this whole shit. It's an idea that hasn't even gone through testing yet. I don't care about how Diabetes Dad was all up in this "cure" business. That's not what bothers me. It was the bullshit video.

Any way… I'm going to go back to my life now because that’s what we do. Move on, nothing to see here. This, too, will be forgotten. Next time a crackpot tries to sell you a pipe dream, I hope you have a thicker skin.


  1. You spelt Jesus wrong. Silly girl. You speak the truth. I think you would be surprised as to how many people agree with you on some level.

  2. On the scale of pessimistic diabetes thought, I'm just barely on the happier side of you. I've always said the cost of a cure is approximately 1 million dollars, because that is what I'll spend on diabetes supplies between now and when I'm 65. No company could retain their moral and public standing by promoting a 1 million dollar cure.
    But, I think there is some merit to an independent organization researching a cure with its own funding. I spoke at a conference in December (I had to quietly sneak out of the kindergarten class to do it) along with a researcher, and I asked him if he was concerned about pharma silencing his research. I was actually shocked that he acknowledged that they could try. He said he had a co-worker who told him (insert big pharma name here) should come and buy his research and shut it down. The researcher said he would never do it. That his research was his baby and his passion. I genuinely believed him, but I also know he hasn't been offered a check yet.

  3. I, too, was shocked at people's comments and reactions, but the more I read them the more it seemed they were coming from folks who were the parents or grandparents of kiddos who had only been diagnosed within the last year. I think the old timers knew better and called bullshit on the post. Anyway, I am too busy being happy about being engaged! Enjoyed the post, we're on the same page.

  4. I love you, Scully. (Don't tell Ryan!)

    I don't particularly agree with everything you say, but I just love the way you say it!

  5. I'm not allowed to talk like that at home:(
    Seriously, I've seen worse than this episode both inside and outside of diabetes over the years. So it's just a blip on an otherwise large radar picture for me. You're right. Nothing to see here. Moving on...

  6. I like this post. Although I feel even less emotive towards the whole thing. ;) Anyhow, when I lived in Spain, I paid less for [the same] insulin without insurance then I do in the states with what's considered great insurance. A true free market would actually allow for affordability (and more quality) in healthcare for all in my opinion, but maybe I'm naive or something...

  7. I got annoyed yesterday after reading blog after blog about this 'cure'. I just stopped clicking on anything that mentioned it.

    You have a very different, and much more entertaining, way of dealing with it than I do. Thanks for the perspective and the expletives. No more playing nice in the kindergarten sandbox for you eh?

  8. "... a bomb of poo."

    Awesome post. I fucking love you.

  9. My God you are an excellent writer....I was one of those "newbies" who was cautious but oh so freaking hopeful. I mean realistically, there is no way that Big Pharma is ever going to allow a cure to be found, way to much money to lose from but that little girl inside of me who just wishes for one day w/o the big "D" was crossing her fingers. Lesson learned, don't believe anything that Tom Karlya has to say I do me EVER and don't allow yourself to get caught up in propaganda that is BIG PHARMA.


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