Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One low treatment does not fit all

I go low during the night fairly often. Be it from exercise that evening, over-correcting a high or not having my basal rates set right. Some might argue it’s because I just don’t care very much before I go to bed. I don't really. I still think weird things happen to my body while I sleep.

That’s not the point of this post though.

It’s what I choose to treat my lows with.

Think of a confused, discombobulated and disoriented puppy. Think, "What could be the farthest away from the bed at any given moment in time?" I keep Dex tabs in my night stand. The kitchen is directly on the other side of the bedroom door which is a bi-fold door (don't ask, we rent) that is permanently opened because the chin-up bar is now mounted there.

When I wake up low, I always fumble to test first. As if the shortness of breath, shaking and sweating isn't an  indication. First mistake. Sometimes I think it’s because I know it’ll help my meter average go down if there are some 2.0mmol/l (36mg/dl) thrown in there for good luck. One might think rolling over and choking back some Dex right away would do it. That’s what I think, too, when I am awake and coherent. Instead I often find myself rummaging through the pantry for the raisins or digging through the closet trying to rip open a package of juice boxes. An unopened package of juice boxes of course. Occasionally I may be found wandering aimlessly through the apartment wondering what I did with that specific roll of sour apple Dex I had 3 weeks ago. Maybe I left it in my car, just let me grab my keys, I’ll be right back. You get the picture.

I go low and for some reason, deep inside my core I always need something that is not easily accessible. When really it’s right beside me. Why do I make things so fucking difficult for myself?

I’ve spent many times wondering why I do this. I cannot be convinced at that moment because there is no such thing as thinking clearly while low and half asleep at 2am. It’s like trying to push an ox uphill. I've never pushed an ox.

I also know that one low treatment does not fit all. I have 3 things I treat lows with. Juice, Dex and raisins. I rarely ever vary from those items. The choice depends on the low and my mood (which could be just as volatile). Juice is something that is only at home and work. I get a lot of nausea with lows sometimes and juice is too much substance for me to swallow which makes me feel sick. I ADORE raisins but can’t justify eating them any other time because of the havoc they wreck on my beeg. They are my “tasty treat” for the lows that aren't debilitating but somewhat more manageable. Dex, well that’s just the easy to carry, holds up to everything, all-encompassing and indestructible low treatment. Oh and I can't forget... fucking disgusting.

What gets me is that if I have juice next to me I’ll go for raisins. If I have raisins and Dex, I’ll go for juice... etc. My brain seems to get off on making fixing the low as hard as possible and I DON’T GET WHY!

Ryan gets on my case when he sees me rummaging through the closet fighting with the juice boxes. He’s got a good grasp on my low quirks. He gets me spoons of PB as low chasers. He stays up until I've come back to earth and fallen back asleep.

 So the other night I found this little care package beside the bed.

2 juice boxes, a small container of raisins and a ready-to-go PB lollipop (in case of emergency, remove plastic wrap!). I can’t help but wonder what he’s trying to tell me!

I have 5 guesses...
1.) Quit waking me up crinkling juice packages. 
2.) I'm tired of going for the PB so I thought I'd bring it to you. I get back to sleep faster. 
3.) It's all right there! I don't want to chase after you while you wander aimlessly around the apartment like a zombie.
4.) No you can't have something else, these are your choices.
5.) Seriously, get back to bed and quit it.

I'm surprised he didn't put a bib and tissues for the mess I make and the blood spots I leave on the sheets.

In all honesty, Those are jokes.

Seriously though. He nudges me to test when my 1am alarm goes off and I ignore it. He makes sure I'm okay before he even considers going back to sleep (even if I've already passed out with Dex in my mouth). Most importantly, he has paid enough attention to recognize my low habits. He put these things beside the bed for me and I didn't even say anything.

Maybe he thinks I should plan better though. Just maybe.

Last night I rolled over, tested, low, drank juce, moaned for a bit and went back to bed. I didn't have to get up at all! It was sweet.


  1. Amazing how our significant others have such a grasp on our situation in the middle of the night. I can't explain it, but I wish I could bottle it and give it to everyone. Great post.

  2. That's really sweet! Honestly, not only is it cute that he took the initiative, it's really cool that he seems to understand the emotional burden of 'betes, and try to ease that for you. What a guy!! (Ryan: My husband's name is Dennis. Feel free to contact him directly and let him know that this is a winning move for a dude.)

  3. Sounds like a keeper that one.

  4. That's so cute! Brilliant idea too. And is it bad I love that you're throwing f-bombs back into your posts? Lol


  5. Fabulous idea and so awesome that you have someone like him to look out for you!

  6. Awww! That's so thoughtful! (I need to take lessons...)

  7. You have one pretty darn awesome guy there :)

  8. That is so sweet! Josh has a habit of replenishing the juice boxes on my nightstand when they get low.

    I think those that love us want to help in any way they can. This is something tangible they can do. And so very sweet. :)

  9. Love love love! What a sweetheart!

    This made me laugh: "Sometimes I think it’s because I know it’ll help my meter average go down if there are some 2.0mmol/l (36mg/dl) thrown in there for good luck."

    And, not to be all advertise-y, but have you tried GLUCOLIFT tabs? They are 100% less disgusting, like a not-low, not-diabetic persom might occasionally eat one, just for sport.

  10. And what I want to know is if you could get the plastic wrap off the peanut butter while recovering from your low ;)

  11. What a guy! Seriously, keep him.


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