Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 12 of 12

You know the deal.
I cheated again this month as I do so many times. I have 14 pictures :). I guess I'm just an over-achiever.

1. Good Morning! He wasn't overly impressed to be #1 on my 12 of 12 but I didn't care. Look how cute he is even at 5:30am!! The mohawk is coming along nicely for race season.

2. I followed this big annoying marshmallow truck for part of my commute. It was frustrating because I couldn't see around it. 

3. Could there even BE a more appropriate pen for me? 

4. "Rocket Man"?

5. Goji berries. I lurve them.

6. I drink a lot of liquid chlorophyll during my work day. Mmmm.. tastes like grass!

7. Need gas.

8. Need ice at work? Well there's a snowbank outside...

9. Genius idea? It's even quite mailable. I have been working WAY too much (my own fault). After many years of drawing in AutoCAD my wrist gets super painful. Carpel Tunnel?

10. Our receptionist retired so it seems I'm the FedEx chick now.

11. Quick dash to the pharmacy to refill meds on my way home. I've gotten into quite the bad habit of waiting until my last dose before getting out and refilling. Annoying habit.

12. We eat a lot of bananas.

13. Breakfast for dinner. My poor tummy was in complete disarray from stress and stress (and stress). I knew the only thing would be my safe food which is oatmeal. With dried blueberries and chia seeds (and peanut butter).

14. End of the night. It's about 11:30pm and I'm absolutely wasted from doing freelance all night. I need a new arm.

Until next month.........


  1. Wow... I think I counted 19 bananas in that photo. I go through about one per week. Great photos!

  2. Great idea for the ice! I am going to steal that one. And holy bananas batman!

  3. I love the Lego Rocket Man! :]

  4. - Ryan looks so badass in that picture!
    - Sweet pen, I need one that says the same about Diet Coke
    - Goji berries? Never tried them, but they look good!
    - New tat on your wrist? Or at least new since you've been to Minnesooooota?

  5. #4 has a much better ring than the US version - Smarties Man? :P


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