Monday, February 4, 2013

Diabetes Art Day 2013

I'd love to link you back to 2010, 2011 and 2012 Diabetes Art Day posts on my blog but there are no images. This is going to be a continuing theme. I'm too lazy and pre-occupied to go and seek out the photos to re-insert. Sorry for that. 

Diabetes Art Day was started a couple years ago by Lee Ann Thill who is the DOC's resident T1D art therapist. It's  been a day I always look forward to. It's typically been in September but has been moved to February this year.

I actually didn't have anything planned this year. Nothing swimming around in my head. At Slipstream last weekend, Virtue (the CIM Social Media Guru) put on a session of D-Art. I was out cross-country skiing and cut it short to come inside and treat a low beeg. I was also soaked in sweat from the skiing. I sat down at the table to see what others had created. Next thing I know, I'm picking things up and gluing them together. I am an art student at my core and for as long as I've been alive. I secretly desired to go to art school and not architecture but knew I'd end up a starving artist. I was also not a very good artist. Give me a pen and paper and I will doodle. Sit me in front of a bunch of arts and crafts supplies and eventually I will create something.

Photo Credit: Mike Last Photography

Virtue working hard at colouring. 

I really liked this one. It's outside of the "box". This person said it represented her life before and after her diabetes diagnosis.

And here is my creation:

There were a bunch of multi-coloured pre-cut gingerbread looking dudes. I collected all the colours and meticulously laid them out. Remember, I'm an Architectural Technologist and I draw houses for a living so lining things up and putting them in "order" is an ingrained trait. Diabetes is multi-faceted. It's not just insulin and needles. It's a whole psychological shit ton of burdens, wins and living. Diabetes has layers. As a person with diabetes, there is so much that makes up my tools for management. Any way... there is my onion skin of layers. Lastly, those are not low hanging boobies like everybody seemed to think they were. They are glucose tablets and they're supposed to be bulging out of my pockets. It was an after-thought, give me a break. :P

I owe Virtue a thanks for the D.Art session. I know without a doubt, I probably wouldn't have come up with anything for today. Also a gigantic happy KUDOS to Lee Ann for continuing this awesome idea. 

Go check out Diabetes Art Day for all the submissions from this year and years past.


  1. Love that D-Art, Scully! Nicely done. Very colorful... and it makes me want Skittles. Except, I can't, because my blood sugar isn't Low, but I want them now... (sigh) Oh, the layers!

  2. Very nice! I dig the way you captured the multifaceted aspect of our little disease.

    And... You said "boobies!" Hee hee.

  3. I love it!! Gingerbread dudes are highly underrated, but their simplicity made for an effective illustration of the complicated layers of D. Ugh, for lows interrupting your skiing, but I'm glad it made you take a detour. Thank you for posting and participating in this year's DAD :)

  4. That is totally sweet! I like the idea of showing the layers of life with diabetes, very well represented. I totally thought those were boobs too :)

  5. I like the test strips on the arms! and on the floor, in the bed, my truck....

  6. Layers of diabetes – I love it!


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