Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The last few days of 2012 were spent in bed. Sick.

A few days ago some sort of bizarre sickness graced our cabin in the city. How? We have no clue. Is it food poisoning? Is it the stomach bug?

It hit Ryan first causing a trip to the bathroom to purge every 20 minutes for 5-some odd hours. It was at this point I had to vacate the premises due to my very real and very debilitating phobia of barf. Oh but I didn't get far before I soon found myself in the grips of gut wrenching nausea. My only saving grace was getting the Gravol down and keeping it down early enough.

We've spent an inordinate amount of time in bed. Rolling around in discomfort. Sleeping. Doped up on Gravol. Watching hours of mindless entertainment. Neither of us are the type to be horizontal for such long periods of time. Its been difficult but necessary.

sick nerds

On one hand it's a good thing that we both got hit with this evilness at the same time. It means neither of us feels guilty for getting winded just trying to have a shower. Or needing a nap after simply standing up and walking to the bathroom. On the other hand, it's been hard to take care of each other when we are both feeling like everything on the inside wants to be on the outside. We took turns shuffling off to get more ginger ale or Gatorade. Motivating each other to try and eat. Thankfully we avoided the argument about who ends up using the first Gravol suppository because we were able to keep it down long enough the other way.

My blood sugars have remained stellar. Why? Because I haven't really eaten anything in days. That'll do it. If only I could go the rest of my life without food I'd be a perfect diabetic!

In all this time we've had to occupy ourselves it has paved the way for some new beginnings. Ryan, started a blog called "An Athlete in Transition"! It's about his transition as an athlete from one sport to another. It will prove to be a good read. We've also had plenty of time to do some reading on how to improve our lives together as athletes. From learning about alkaline diets and the green smoothie revolution to cutting down our grocery bill out of necessity. We learned about making our own energy gels of which the first experiment failed. It tasted somewhat okay but the look was that of something I can't even bring myself to envision. Remember my very real phobia I mentioned above?

It's ironic that this bug has floored us at this time being the new year. There are many new paths we'd like to take to make our bodies healthier and to make us better athletes. I'm sure we will both be documenting our journeys but right now I'm falling over while lying down. Gravol is better than drugs or alcohol any day.


  1. Yet another day in bed and no one I'd rather spend it with ;-)

  2. Ok, that shit looks disgusting! Haha!

    Sorry to hear that you guys were sick, that's never any fun. Hope you're both feeling better!

  3. Love Ryan's comment!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  4. Sorry about the sickness. On the bright side, 2013 can only get better from here! Happy New Year


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