Monday, January 21, 2013

The Howard Stern of the DOC

Once, a good friend of mine called me the Howard Stern of the DOC. This friend obviously knows me well (ERIN!) I assumed it was because I was obnoxious, outspoken and use a lot of profanity. She assured me it is because I am honest and highly entertaining. I'm sure some of it still has to do with my rudeness and language, especially when it comes to topics that are TMI.

My favourite TT1 event!
Over the past 8-10 months I made a concerted effort to clean up my language and subject matter despite my beliefs. Those of which originate in the fact that I don't see the problem with some profanity here and there. It doesn't mean I'm not responsible, sincere or intelligent. I don't think I use it to offend or insult any one. In the honour of full disclosure this "clean up" with my online presence was due to my contract and commitment to Team Type 1 (now Team Novo Nordisk). I got in trouble once last summer by the team which as a result I edited and removed content of said profanity. I apologized and admitted my faults. Notice how my vocabulary changed? Noticed the topics of pooping and farting haven’t come up? Perhaps this makes you pleased but I know for a fact that I lost a lot of my dedicated readers because they came here for some “honest entertainment”. To be honest actually, that's how I enjoy writing. I write it how it is in my world. I don’t censor myself because that’s not how I am in real life. In real life I’ll curse and swear and let a fart rip. I didn’t like censoring myself and my blogging dissipated greatly due to simply not wanting to write about things that seemed so tasteless to me. Also, so many of the things I wanted to write about I was simply unable to.

I recently screwed up again and very quickly got kicked off the team.

That’s right. I got kicked off for being “rude, uncalled for and unprofessional.” Myself and everybody I’ve talked to thinks the punishment of kicking me off the team was itself uncalled for. I, however, do understand the reasons for their actions. I just think they over-exaggerated it and took some of my words out of context. Many apologies were written from me to all parties involved all the while knowing it wouldn’t change a thing. I screwed up. I am guilty.

My last trainer ride on sexy bitch before sending back.

Some people (including myself) felt like I had a target on my back. It felt like I wasn’t a key member of the team and one they could easily justify getting rid of. It’s a shame that I was seen that way since my intentions to be the best I could be were all there. I feel, 100% that there were reasons they terminated me that they refuse to tell me.

Team Type 1 was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It changed my life, my goals and my motivations. It inspired me to be a role model, and I was. I always held myself with respect at all the events and races I attended. I never got a complaint from organizations or otherwise. In fact I only ever got great feedback from the events. I spoke highly of all my team mates, directors and superiors. I maintained a healthy presence online and offline with anything surround the organization. I have no malicious intent or bad feelings towards TNN. Even though I was initially angry and upset, I know this is for the better. As great as an organization they are, there was a lot lacking in the support and kindness side. I never quite felt like there was a team atmosphere and I had no voice.

Good memories in Nashville

I also felt that as the team changed sponsors so did their goals. It feels like they are going in a different direction and that is one that I wasn't entirely behind any more. Recent news leaves me feeling a little bit more relaxed to not be a part of it any more.

I'm eternally grateful for the opportunities I did have to travel and race and speak. It ends there though. My journey goes elsewhere. It's unfortunate to end on a bad note and I sure as fuck don't like gaining enemies but I can't forget that I sort of did it to myself.

my big fat mouth and I.

I'm onto another chapter of my cycling and racing adventure though. A new, small and local team that is down to earth and supportive! I am alone on the team with my diabetes but what better way to say that I'm strong and good at this? I can party with the normal pancreas folks and I'm pretty fucking excited.


  1. Well, that's their loss. I could say more (like about certain other people I have interacted with at events) but I will just leave it at that.

  2. Wow, I'm sorry. Its their loss but I can imagine it must hurt to be treated like this & I'm just going to say you're still pretty awesome in my book. Don't let them get you down.

  3. Honestly, I don't know much about Team Novo or your involvement in it (though I probably should!). But keeping things bottled up and keeping shackles on your wrists and a gag in your mouth (or a cork up your ass) isn't healthy. Everyone needs to fart. As my elementary school teachers used to say, "it's a natural bodily function".

    Be happy for the chance you've been given, but be relieved that you can now ... be relieved.

  4. Wow that is their loss why kick off someone people can so easily relate to?

  5. Scully, you are a role model. For ALL of us. I obviously don't have any involvement with the new sponsors, but I kind of got the same vibe you did. I never really saw anything inappropriate on your site anyway. Which is your site, by the way. Jeez...

    Joy is where you find it. Wherever it is. Keep pursuing it.

  6. Wow.

    I don't really know what to say other than I love you, and I support you, and I know that you'll continue to kick ass wherever you go.

  7. Pffffft. Have you seen their new uniforms?! (this is rhetorical, I know you have)

    Anyway the first promo shot I saw of them it was boner city for a bunch of dudes in the tight white shorts.

    You can be inspiring on another team, and say shit, and talk about farting.

    Please talk about farting.

    Can't wait to meet you this weekend. Hopefully, we will be able to have a chat as I am just learning to how bicycle (not like...ride a bike, but do it right.) and I would love to pick your brain. Cursing encouraged.

  8. I'm shocked about this news! Other than what information you have passed along about being on TNN, I don't know alot about it and what's expected of their members. Seems a little hoighty toighty to me though if you got kicked off for being yourself. Sounds like your new team is much more fitting for you! I love your honesty, swearing and all, in your posts!!

  9. Wow!!! That is 100 per cent their loss because you are fricken amazing chick who a lot of us in DOC can relate to! But seriously, if they wanted to change who YOU are, they're not worth you!!! And on the upside, least now you don't have to wear that white cycling suit – cycling suits should NOT EVER be white!!!

  10. This news makes me sad, but only until I remember that your awesomeness and drive will take you far, no matter who you associate with. :) You rock!

  11. I agree with everyone else. Completely and totally their loss.

    You are AMAZING, my friend. And I believe it's important to be true to who you are. I'm glad you're doing that. Love ya!

  12. Hi Christine, you don't censor yourself and that is something i both admire and envy........And as you can see we're all behind you (on second thoughts maybe thats not the best place to stand based on some of the statements above!!)


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