Monday, January 14, 2013

January 12 of 12 (more like 14 of 12)

I'd like to think that these things don't need introductions any more. See side bar over yonder for previous 12 of 12's. It's depressing to note that anything from a couple months ago and prior has no images. I can't bring myself to remove the links or re-insert hundreds of pictures so I've chosen to just leave it. It helps me to pretend the lack of images doesn't exist.

1. Long drive out to Ryan's parents house to pick up some tools he had in storage. 

2. Then off to MY parents place for a quick visit. My mum is probably one of the most creative people I know yet she can't draw a stick figure to save her life. She's crafty but not in the typical motherly crafty way. She builds stuff.  Here she built this for my niece and nephew out of scraps of wood and other things she had lying around. The kids like to play with my old micro machines. Remember those? 

3. This is her version of a dalmatian on the side of the fire hall. I laughed until I almost cried.

4. FINALLY!! We had heard all week that it was going to be 12C (54F) and sunny on Saturday. I only had a couple hours to spare. Unfortunately we only got about 6km before Ryan got a flat. Without a gas station in site and no valve adapter or pump we were kind of screwed. I asked him to take a picture at least before I raced home to get the truck.

5. The bulk of my day was taken up for a very special bride to be and her bachelorette party. Here we are driving to a tea house to start our day.

6. A snippet of the wall of tea

7. I always order my most favourite tea. Cream Earl Grey.

8. We stopped at the dollar store to pick up supplies to make her something tacky to wear for later that night. I found this toy shoved in with the napkins.

9. Next stop was dinner at an up-scale pretentious fancy restaurant. Food was great and the company was awesome. Love my girlfriends.

10. I made the tacky tiara out of an old St.Patty's day "irish princess" tiara. Give me a break, it took me 10 minutes to make!

11. Shenanigans. Cake flavoured vodka, club soda and lemonade shots. They smelled delicious, that's as far as I know since I can't drink alcohol.

12. My cousin REALLY likes shoes.

13. This is not the bride-to-be but my cousin Shannon wearing the tacky tiara.

14. At the bar later that evening. It was also up-scale and pretentious. It required some bribing to get in even though we were on the guest list. I kind of felt like I was on an episode of Sex and the City but in suburbia. The night was TONS of fun and I'm glad I got to take part in celebrating. I left the bar early because I could feel my blood sugar tanking. I wasn't carrying sugar or my meter on me and trying to push my way towards the bar wasn't happening. It wasn't a big deal, I was planning to leave early any way as I'm an old fart that can't stay out late if I tried.

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  1. I love that dalmatian! Your mom sounds awesome.


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