Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 12 of 12

I want to say like I always do to check out the sidebar for previous 12 of 12's but if you remember about a month ago I discovered I'm a complete and utter imbecile. I accidentally (kind of intentionally but foolishly) deleted all the photos on my picasa web album. In turn this removed every single image from my blog for the past two and a half years.

I've dealt with this by just "forgetting" and forcing myself to not think about it.

Onwards (I say)

There are 15 pictures in total because I kept documenting my day and didn't want to leave any out.

1. Have I talked about Monkey before? He's a McDonald's toy I found in a parking lot and brought home. Steph and I hide him in different places all over the house for the other to find. Steph found an ugly Christmas sweater for him!

2. I really wanted to put this picture first but didn't want this one being the key photo that loaded in your readers. I was not cutting up dead bodies at 5:30am. In fact I was cutting up beets.

3. Office. Cold. 

4. First picture of me tired and cold at work while struggling to stay awake at the mouse.

5. Work holiday party meant we got to leave early and head downtown.

6. That is if you don't get lost and miss the highway exit like me.

7. The ceiling of the bar had me feeling like I was inside of a body of a whale or something. It was kind of creepy.

8. More bar, people, stuff.

9. Walking to my car of which I went the wrong way. I ended up walking around and around totally disoriented while trying to follow the dot on my gps. I wanted a coffee for the drive home but couldn't find a place.

10. Picture number 2 of me trying to stay awake on the long drive home from Toronto. I didn't realize until I uploaded this picture that I have remnants of beets in the corner of my mouth!

11. Terrible picture of Toronto skyline. The CN Tower is lit up in red and green for the holidays but you can hardly see it. It's there beside the bright yellow street light. Traffic still coming out of Toronto at 7:30pm.

12. Balloons still on the floor from the previous night 

13. The perils of eating beets on the way home with my fingers.

14. This is why my day was made that much more exhausting. I had freelance to do and no time to do it. I was up working well past 10:56pm.

15. Final picture and I could barely keep my eyes open here. My face says "goodnight".

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  1. Love that monkey has an ugly Christmas sweater!!

    Hope you had fun in the belly of the whale and got a wonderful night's sleep!!



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