Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear unnamed frozen yogurt company:

Last week I received this in my email:
I know Canadian D-gal takes an interest in healthy lifestyle choices and thought the opening of an (unnamed company) might be of interest to you. Low-fat and non-fat froyo flavours and an appetizing range of fresh fruit, crunchy cookies, nuts and candy toppings are available at all locations. (unnamed company)’s frozen yogurt is made exclusively from fresh Canadian dairy with the added health benefits of more than one billion active probiotic cultures per 125-millilitre serving. 
I get a lot of crap like this that I delete as soon as I read the subject line. So I deleted it without even reading it.

Yesterday I received a follow-up email at which point I felt inclined to read it at least. I felt bad for the poor lady trying to do her job because I was a little miffed at her offer once I actually read it. I thought about ignoring this email too when, for a change, I wanted to speak up. Something about this frozen yogurt company saying they're "healthy" lit a fire in me. I channelled my inner K2 and flipped my "diabetes bitchswitch". The resulting email below was my response word for word: 

Dear unnamed frozen yogurt company in response to your follow up email:

I sure did get your email. I glanced over it quickly before deleting it. Why? because I couldn't make sense of how this has anything to do with me.

I appreciate your offer but respectfully decline. You see, you were right when you said my blog "takes an interest in healthy lifestyle choices." That is entirely true. You won't catch me writing about stuff that I won't put in my own body. My idea of healthy lifestyle choices consist of healthy foods and exercise. Yeah I occasionally eat chocolate but I won't often write about it or promote it as healthy.

Frozen Yogurt? Not healthy at all. I didn't just fall off the tofu truck. It's loaded with sugar. If it's sugar free then it has artificial sweeteners in it which are chemicals and something I also don't subscribe to. I'm not new to nutrition labels. Low fat or non fat usually means extra sugar. Although diabetics CAN have sugar, I'd like to remind you that you said it yourself, I promote healthy lifestyle choices. Therefore I don't promote a diet high in sugar because that's not how I live my own life. I live my life as all natural as I can. I consume fresh unprocessed and unrefined foods. I don't consume a lot of sugars because I find with me they wreck havoc on my blood glucose management and they just aren't worth it.

Sure there are health benefits to your product but it's laced with sugar. I went to your website and tried looking for nutritional content. Only a handful of the flavours listed had a calorie and/or carb count (yet serving size was not specified but I assume it's probably only for 1/2cup) What I saw was the equivalent to every day ice cream. The caloric counts were over 120cal per serving and upwards to 25g of carbs. From my basic understanding that's pretty much the same, actually more than regular ice cream. I could see nothing good that would tell me this is healthy.

I don't see how sweetened and flavoured frozen yogurt topped with candies and cookies fits into my content at all. It's certainly not something I would put in my own body. Hand me some cold plain full-fat unflavoured greek yogurt any day over what you call healthy.

I'm no expert but I consider myself part of the crowd who knows what they're talking about when it comes to nutritional labels. After all, I have type 1 diabetes so I have to know what every little morsel of food going into my mouth contains.

If you had just left me happily deleting the first email, I never would have written this.

So there you have it. I was afraid to quote specifics because I'm not an expert at all. This poured out of me in about 10 minutes. To say I was overly nice is an understatement. If you're going to fill my inbox with this nonsense you bet I'm going to retaliate. I doubt I'll hear back from them.

Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum and Smore's flavours? Yeah that even SOUNDS healthy, sure.

Hey, at least I was nice enough to leave out the company name!


  1. Scully - DiabetesBitchswitch, flipped!
    I'm so proud of you for speaking your mind and speaking up for us all in the process!
    Your letter was fantastical and from that wonderful heart of yours - WTG & YOU ROCK.

  2. I HATE the term FROYO.

    That would have been my immediate dis-qualifier.

  3. For the record, I'm not much of a fan of yogurt of any kind. I'm glad you thought enough of all of us to call them out on their baseless claims and their lack of nutritional info. Well said. Thanks


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