Friday, November 9, 2012

What I'm loving right now

Thanks to Queenie for inspiring me to write this. It feels good to write about the things I'm hooked on lately. Perhaps I should do a follow up post about what I'm hating right now too. Rain, sleep deprivation and work amongst other things. 

What I'm loving lately....

1. Costco for it’s big cheap Jars-o-PB
I used to be a Kraft Smooth girl all the way and then Costco stopped selling Kraft in the gigant-o containers. I reluctantly switched to Skippy. Hey, discount PB is discount PB and it tastes almost the same. $6.99 is a steal for a couple weeks worth of peanut butter. No joke, between Ryan and I (more him than me) these jars don't last long.

2. Chia seeds
I owe it to my room mate chick friend Steph for introducing me to chia seeds in my oatmeal. They have no flavour but they bulk up the oatmeal and in turn are full of good stuff for my body! 

3. New purple fluffy towels
I have been putting off buying towels for months and months. Until I saw these bad boys on sale for $6.99 each. Coming into winter, plus I'm a girl, I couldn't resist the soft fluffy bath towels. 

4. SHOPPERS optimum and free stuff
It took me awhile to manipulate the system but once I figured it out, I was hooked. I buy a couple hundred test strips a week. I buy the strips out of my own pocket and submit my receipts to my insurance company for reimbursement and I collect points. I normally don't subscribe to ANY store point system firstly because I don't want all the stupid cards in my wallet. Secondly, it takes forever in a day to collect anything worthwhile. However, spending upwards to $200/week I have collected enough points that Ryan and I went on a little shopping spree this past weekend and treated ourselves to some free perfume and cologne amongst other things.

5. Smelly candles
I'm a sucker for smelly candles. Especially the ones that smell like Christmas trees. This "flavour" is hazelnut and espresso. Mmmmmmm.......

6. REAL gluten free oats
I never stopped eating oatmeal when I discovered celiac. For the first little while I didn't even change the oats I was buying. Oatmeal is cheap. GF oatmeal is very much NOT cheap. At $6.99 for a bag that lasts me a few weeks, I just kept buying the usual oats. Until a couple months ago when I noticed re-occurring symptoms of celiac. So I bought some wheat-free oats. Symptoms persisted. I felt defeated. BY OATMEAL! My favourite food on the planet!! And then I discovered these gluten-free oats. REAL gluten free oats.  Not just wheat free but wheat, barley and rye free. So far so good. Time will tell though as that's the nature of celiac. Sometimes you don't know until days later. They still cost a lot but I've given up fighting the expensive GF oats.

7. My favourite pair of jeans
Back to the cold weather. I pulled out my jeans and have had to force myself not to wear them every day.

8. Starbucks Americanos
I wrote something about peanut butter I couldn't NOT write about something to do with coffee. Y'all know how much I love you American folks. I even love the coffee named after you! An Americano is like a personal single serve fresh brew made with espresso. They are always the same no matter what Sbux you go to and I dig that. Delicious!

9.  Costco priced Dex 
Love me some cheaper Dex. Now I just have to remember to open them BEFORE I go low.

10. MUSE
I think I must have been living under a rock or something. I've known of Muse but never really went so far as to get their albums until the most recent song came out. I AM IN LOVE with this band now.

11. iphone reminders
I'm forgetful. So I set my phone to alert me. It works. I called the doctor and now have lab requisitions for clavicle ultrasound and x-ray. I can't imagine how many weeks it would have been if I didn't have this reminder.

12. "Monkey"
This is "Monkey". I found him in a parking lot. He is apparently a cheap-o happy meal toy. I brought him home and since then my room mate and I have a little game with him. We put him in weird places all over the house for the other to find. When you find him, you re-hide him. He's always somewhere new and each time I find him I get to re-hide him. It's just something we do and it's cute.

13. Ryan
Save the best for last right? I'm kind of really hooked on him.

What are you loving right now?


  1. MUSE is amazing!! They're coming to Canada this winter/spring and I'm booked to go to my third concert of theirs. Highly recommended!!


  2. Wait a minute-- Chia Seeds? Is that the same stuff that's used to grow the Chia Pet things I see in the drug store here? I never knew you could eat them, if that's the case. Or that they would be good for me. I'm filing this under "You learn something new every day".

  3. Cool post!!

    And, I did not know they sold Dex at Costco...or that they stopped selling Kraft. What the heck!

    I'm always learning from you Scully! ;)

  4. Totally a fan of chia seeds, I just need to figure out the many ways to use them.

    Also wondered if it was "call doctor 'bitch'" or "call doctor, bitch"... :-)

  5. I just googled chia seeds and turns out you can do a lot with them. Just be sure to consume less than 1 tablespoon a day and drink plenty of water, one article said. Indeed, there's so much to gain (the article listed 13) from these seeds!

    I was really searching for actos lawsuit. Don't know why I ended up on your blog. Nonetheless, you have a new fan here :)

  6. I had chia seeds in some freebie energy bar that came in my NYC Triathlon athlete packet, and I can definitely vouch that they have a flavor. And that flavor is... gross.

    And I like Scott's query. Of course, perhaps it was "Call Doctor Bitch, [MD]," which is kind of an unfortunate name, really. Or maybe it was a two part task: "Call doctor. Bitch."


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