Friday, November 16, 2012

The Push Puppet

Hypoglycemia can come with some weird symptoms. I’ve heard of people bursting into tears or getting numb fingers or getting a certain pang in their chest. I know I am low when the world suddenly becomes over-exposed like a photograph.

For me, aside from the regular “oh my god I’m dying symptoms”, I get what I like to call the “push puppet”. You know if I am collapsed in a heap somewhere it's bad.

The push puppet is a very annoying symptom because it basically stops me doing whatever I’m doing. After telling Scott this while I went low in front of him he emailed me a few weeks later after he discovered the name of the toy that I kept describing.

This is my push puppet Scully that Ryan made for me :)

Y’know those little figurines that have elastic bands holding them all together? You push the bottom of the base that they stand on and the whole thing just collapses into a heap. Let go and they straighten right back up again. I AM A PUSH PUPPET when I get low. It's all funny when I'm not low. It has taken me many years to figure this out. I used to try to keep doing what I’m doing while low but admittedly I fell over a lot.

Now someone has even turned it into a verb. “Look, Scully is push puppetting again”. "Don't go push puppetting on me!" Driving? I pull over into a parking lot and collapse into a heap. In the summer months I roll my window down and lay my head on it. Sometimes I just fall over the steering wheel. I’ve been spotted sitting in the corner in shopping malls or outside on the street up against a building or fallen over on the floor. It’s happened more times at my desk than I could possible count. My co-workers don't even ask any more. I’ve done it everywhere. 

While cycling once we were trying to get back to meet our friend and I was having trouble riding a straight line because I couldn’t hold my body up. A friend helped to aim me in a more direct line.

I’ve done it while camping with Jeff

I’ve done it in my car

More than once

...and at inopportune places like during a run

... or on a bike ride.

Most of the time I could be completely coherent and carry on a conversation, I just won’t be able to move a muscle.

In case you needed to see what I’m talking about, check this out:

I'm so easily amused!


  1. I *so* need to go find one of those things right now! If I recall, there are some of them in my grandfather's attic. Sadly, he is no longer with us, and the attic belongs to someone else now.

    This really made me smile :) Not the going low part, of course...

  2. Sculmeister, you are too funny! I'm so glad this post exists now (and FINALLY!). You can refer to it for explanation now. If someone asks what the heck you're doing in a pile somewhere you can hand them a biz card with this post's URL on it. Haha!

  3. Oh, low blood sugars. I don't get to a push puppet state until after I've consumed sugar. Before then, I'm in an adrenaline-fueled panic to find food. Your video is so cute! :)

  4. Much prefer your 'playing with the push puppet' face over your 'feeling like a push puppet' face! :)

  5. I remember those from when I was a kid!! There used to be a Pluto Dog one at my gramma's & us kids used to fight over it!! This is pretty much how Maeg described feeling low too. She says she tries to make her body work but it just won't listen! I'm gonna show her the video and she'll love that someone else "gets it"

  6. I like Scott's idea. I can imagine a whole set of little cards with URLs and QR codes that we can hand out whenever we need to drop a D truth bomb on people.

    "Gee, Jeff, why are you being such a little bitch right now?" - Here's a card that explains high blood sugar and its effect on mood.

    "Why are you slumped there holding your head in your heads?" - Here's a card that links to the push-puppet post.

    "Are you sure you're able to eat that?!" - Here's a card that links to any of a billion articles from the DOC. Now STFU!

    "I have diabetes, too! I thought I was the only one...." - Here's a card with links to YCDT, DSMA, DiabetesMine, Scott, etc.

    Hey, it could happen.

  7. Today is the day I find out that not only are they referred to as a puppet, but it is a push puppet ! How seemingly obvious !!

    I tend to feel like I am trembling and physically weak just like falling into a chair or on the floor. Through university, ( undergraduate physics and mathematics), this has been a major challenge -- staying fueled !
    I try to eat healthy foods at regular intervals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, higher fibre like rye or whole grain crackers, (Wasa fibre are my favourite right now).

    Sometimes eating too much does the same thing almost though I do not feel as trembly and my body temperature goes up; I become tired and I "get the macaroni salad sweats".
    That is when I have eaten too much ....

    So, I like to stay somewhere between "logi" and "trembly"....
    Barley, pearl barley, if you can handle the gluten, can give a person good food energy for hours I have found.

    Carrots, raw frickin' carrots..... my body likes those, and celery, and brocolli stems..... the juicy inside parts mostly.

    Ok, enough food rant, Chau4now.


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