Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet Ryan

It's taken me some time to be able to write about someone in my personal life. Especially when it comes to my significant others. I am always weary about meeting new people because at some point I have to expose my life with diabetes. I live life with betes loud and proud. I'm a member of Team Type 1 which comes with the responsibilities and duties to promote healthy living with T1D. I write this oh-so-public blog here where I document my life with diabetes. I spend my spare time exercising and dealing with the subsequent planning before and after that diabetes forces on me in order to exercise. Diabetes is a large part of my life and I don't hide it. It's something that I need my dating partners to accept and understand about me. I need them to accept that I have an online presence. I really enjoy blogging which does tend to take time. I'm passionate about writing and advocating. I have a lot of friends online I've never met and friends I have met and love keeping in touch with. I peruse facebook and twitter and blogs for my information sources and to help motivate or give advice anywhere I can. I acknowledge it's something that most people might have a problem with.

So here is my boyfriend/partner in crime. He's a gigantic part of my life as it relates to athletics and diabetes so I wanted to introduce him as a factor to my life as an T1 athlete. He's been eager to join my online world and was overjoyed when I asked if I could expose him on this platform of social media. After all, he's going to be around for a very long time. He's already been here with me through the highs and lows of betes hell and he hasn't gone anywhere! Woo Hoo, I found myself a winner! Any way... after much deliberation on my part I want to formally add him as a member of this team of mine here in my little corner on the interwebz. He was willing to answer some questions so here he is...

What's your story?

I'm a 38 year old athlete. I've been a skateboarder for almost 25 years and I'm now transitioning into the world of triathalon. I've been a professional skateboarder (and stunt carnie), a runner, a boxer, a mixed martial artist, a mountain biker, a snowboarder, a swimmer, a park cour'ist and personal trainer. In my professional life I was a call centre manager, chef and now carpenter. I once was a dunk tank delivery specialist (I delivered dunk tanks all over the US).

I'm always looking forward and never back, I live for new experiences and keep an open mind. As an athlete I've lived through more injuries than I care to think about and I'm still learning new ways to take better care of myself. I'm half way to completely covering my body in ink but I'm still waiting for more silly tattoo ideas to hit me.

I've spent half my life searching for my perfect match and now that I've found her, I feel like it's time for my life to truly begin.

How'd you meet Scully?

(He told me I'm not allowed to write anything more than that so for those who know, know)

How much did you know about Type 1 Diabetes before you met her?

Less than zero

She wanted to meet you in person before exposing all of her betes baggage, what was your reaction? Be honest!

Less than zero

Did it have an effect on your perception of her?

Not at all. Actually it made her seem more interesting. I'm glad that this drives her to be athletic because that's part of the reason why we're together.

(honestly, the first time I brought it up was when I was telling him all about Team Type 1 and how/why I am involved. It was as if he heard the "Type 1 Diabetes" and was eager to get onto the bike racing part. He just passed over it as if it was a scrape on my leg. I was really sort of floored.)

In the short few months, what have you learned about T1D?

More than I can process, but nowhere near what I'd like to know. The more she tells me the more I try and process how I would deal with it if I had diabetes. I never question how she deals with it because as I've found out this is very personal to everybody and effects everybody differently. So whenever she tells me this stuff I'm trying to process what I would do if I had this and how it would change my life. I actually have complete confidence that she knows what she's doing and because she's so diligent at taking care of herself I don't really worry about it much.

What are your concerns about the future with a person who has T1D?

That I'll live longer than her. It creeps into my mind every now and then that this may shorten her life span compared to mine, but then again who knows how long I have.

I don't like her being alone at night for a couple reasons. The first reason is that I worry she'll have a low and I won't be there to comfort her. And the second reason is purely selfish and I don't like to be away from  her.

It was at this point while we were sitting next to each other on the couch and I was typing as he spoke that he turned the table on me and asked, What do you like about Ryan? So I dutifully answered...

Aside from the fact that he's cute as all hell and always smells really good, he is the perfect man for me. I never knew what it was like to date another athlete. Most of my previous relationships there has been a bit of resentment toward my interest and passion for athletics. Being with another athlete not only means we have the same mind set but it also means that we can DO stuff together. We work out together so we get to spend time together doing what we both love. We can motivate each other through the tough parts and problem solve issues like injuries and ways to improve. Previously most of my training has been done entirely solo and I have to say, having someone to train with is like a dream come true.

We ran 10km in the miserable dreary cold rain today. We were cold and soaked.

He is the embodiment of all the qualities I've ever wanted and some of the qualities I didn't even know I wanted. He has a knowledge of the human body which helps him to really understand some of the aspects of diabetes that a lot of people have a hard time grasping. I am often reluctant to tell new people about the betes because It's a very huge part of my life. He stops everything he's doing to comfort me through the lows and be there no matter what. As much as some of my exes have said they're supportive, it's nothing compared to what Ryan shows me. I've never let someone into this part of my life the way I have opened myself to him. The reason for that is that he has shown me nothing but love and support. For the first time ever I actually feel like managing diabetes is no longer something I have to do completely solo any more.

THAT, is huge. :)

So there you have it folks. This is Ryan, my partner in managing diabetes and training together as athletes. He'll appear on here more indefinitely.


  1. What a terrific post!
    Nice to meet you Ryan!!

  2. To borrow from our friend C.... SQUEEEEEEEEE! So happy for you!
    Any chance you & Ryan will ride the TdC together this year??? :)

  3. WONDERFUL!!! SO happy for you both to have found each other :) It just makes me so happy <3

  4. OK not sure if my comment went through SOOOOOO I will post it again! hehehe

    I'm so happy for the both of you that you found each other. Wonderful post!! It just made me so happy to read!! Congrats for finding a great partner in managing D. <3

  5. Great post, aside from the fact that I would've liked to learn a lot more about the stunt carnie experience.

    But seriously, very cool!

  6. Sounds wonderful.. So happy for you both :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm so happy for you both! You deserve to be this happy!! We all gotta meet sometime.

  8. Nice to meet you Ryan! Very awesome post and super happy about it all :) I have my own Ryan at home, they are pretty super guys! Must be the name.

  9. This post brought me so much joy! I hope one day my boys will find a D partner in crime...a all around wonderful person, like you have!

    So happy for your happiness!

  10. So so so happy for you!! Sounds like you've found quite the partner!

  11. Oh I just LOVE this! Scully, you SO deserve to be happy, and it sounds like Ryan is perfect for you.

    Ryan, great to meet you, and thank you for all you do to take care of Scully!

  12. Love, Love, Love!!
    He's cute, he shares your passion for 'doin stuff' AND he gets the T1D stuff...winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

    So happy for the two of you!

  13. Eeeeeee! This post made me so freaking giddy! I am so happy for you and Ryan both. For you, he sounds like a gooder, and for him, well shucks, I know he got a gooder!


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