Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Like About CIM

In case you don't already know, CIM stands for Connected in Motion. A group of active outdoorsy T1 diabetics connecting... in motion. Smart, no?

It's not just an excuse for another non-profit organization.

Here's something guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Every Monday, CIM (@connectinmotion) puts out a "Monday in Motion" tweet. A number of weeks ago the question asked was, "If cost/location were no problem, what new sport/activity would you like to try?". Someone (Hi Virtue!) wrote back saying, "I know it's not super novel or anything, but I'd like to give rock climbing a try."

And so an idea was born from one little tweet. A rock climbing loving CIM'er set up a community event for us to go indoor rock climbing and it was specifically newbie friendly. Shannon was the mastermind organizing it all.

Last Sunday Shannon and I carpooled out to Toronto from the HAMMER! I had never really met her before, outside of a brief facial recognition from Slipstream earlier this year. There was something like 10 or 11 of us that met at the climbing gym that day. Most of them had never climbed or were fairly new to it. There was one consensus though, everybody LOVED it!

I only climbed a couple times since this was the day after my bike crash and I was still very concussed plus my clavicular dysfunction. :P

Getting their lessons on

Notice the insulin pump hanging from the harness


On the way home Shannon and I talked the whole way about how much we absolutely adore this group. How often do you arrange a social event where all the people that say they're coming actually come? I'm serious. I'm sure you know what I mean. Especially with the world of Facebook as our new way of RSVP'ing. I find most people don't actually come to the events they say they are going to. So Shannon and I were just so heart-warmed when we were talking about it. Even Mark, Pat and Luke (Hi guys!) who drove all the way down from up north just to climb with us!

I know I write about this every time I get into a CIM post but you can't possibly fathom what it means to me otherwise so if you aren't interested in reading more sappy CIM love then kindly look for the 'X' to close.

These people are more than just acquaintances we run into at events every now and again. Everybody that is a part of CIM are pretty loving and caring human beings. Not to be a bitch or anything but that's not always the case I'm finding. But something about the way Chloe created this group and the morals she created it around seeps into each and every member. To the point where it creates deep friendships. Friendships that set up community events to get us all together without it being any sort of "official" event.

Serious caring friendships blossom from an accommodating atmosphere and heartfelt good morals.

I dropped Shannon off at her car. Yet another stranger turned new friend with similar interests and soon to be close neighbours. On my way home this all really hit me. It's not just ME that feels so honoured to be a part of CIM. It's all parties involved and that's what makes it so amazing. I find myself always walking away with a bigger, fuller heart. Who knew such support could come from a disease like diabetes?

And finally, a picture of Imran trying out the Mio sets for the first time AT the table in the restaurant after. Gotta love being around other diabetics. Next time though, he'll remember to take off the adhesive so he doesn't have to stab himself twice.


  1. I'm jealous. I've been trying to find something like this in Halifax but I haven't found anything so far.

  2. CIM is everywhere Ali, and there are a bunch of them out east. Find 'em on FB

  3. So cool! To connect with other T1s, doing fun stuff...just plain cool!

  4. That sounds like a blast! We do have some events here in the West, but most of them too far West than me. I wonder if this is something I could help remedy....

    Hope your healing well!!

  5. Dude, this was a DAY after your bike crash? Jeepers. You bring the word 'hardcore' to the next level my friend!


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