Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Leadville 100 - More Than a Race

Have you seen this video yet?

Perhaps you aren't on Facebook or maybe you don't "like" Team Type 1 facebook page. If that's the case, get on FB and LIKE US! Lots of motivational pictures and videos of type 1 athletes competing around the globe. It's pretty inspirational to see what T1D's are accomplishing out there.

The Video:

Team Type 1 had a crew of ESPN videographers out to Leadville, Colorado. They were there to do video on Ryan Jones and John Obst, members of the TT1 running team. Ryan and John were there to conquer 100 of the most grueling miles through the rocky mountains and thin air of Colorado.

Running long distance with type 1 diabetes is challenging. Running a 100 mile (that's 160km for you out of US folks) ultra marathon on the trails in the Colorado mountains WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES? Completely awe inspiring.

Watch, enjoy and be inspired!

A few of my favourite quotes:
"Just to survive and finish it. Take it step by step... relentless forward motion."

"(diabetes) will not stop me from racing, quite the opposite - it will push me forward by million-fold."

"There are moments where you can't envision making it another few feet let alone another 40 or 30 miles. But you do, you push forward with all you have"

"I absolutely think diabetes makes me more disciplined.."

"there are no limits to what you can do and accomplish with diabetes"

These are the sort of things that Team Type 1 wants to share with the world and I'm so proud to be a member! You'll never catch me doing a 100mile ultra marathon but next year is shaping up to be a good year for racing and I can't wait.


  1. Can't wait to view this... Team Type 1-- so inspiring.

  2. I watched this recently and was just amazed. Especially when he talked about the air being so thin that it felt like he was sucking it through a straw. Wow...

  3. I watched the video on FB. My brother ran Leadville again this year and I asked him if he saw the TT1 guys. He said he saw one a few times, which I think was Ryan based on their times at various points during the race. What an awesome accomplishment it is to finish the race!

  4. Diabetes doesn't stop us - it fuels us. The perfect way to look at it. Pretty amazing video Scully - thanks for sharing.


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