Friday, September 14, 2012

September 12 of 12

these days are still some of my favourite every month.


1. So I got in another bike crash with my mountain bike. I am not going into detail about it because I realize it might upset some people. So I need to start my day with 400mg of Ibuprophen. I will be okay. It was the torso sized rock that broke my fall that won't be (If I ever see that rock again!!). Please don't worry!

2. Lately my morning commute has been UTTERLY awful. Like this, the entire way to work. It's taken me well over an hour and I'm going crazy.

3. Himalayan salt candle. Good vibes

4. Advil and Amethyst, it's gotta help right? sort of? hoogy boogy?

5. Music on my iphone. Only the best for when I need it.

6. Later that night after a very painful visit to the chiropractor I thought it would be a good thing to get out and go for a walk. I haven't been able to move very much all week. 

7. My friend got some pics of the damage.

8. This is the worst of the fall on my lower back/hip. Nothing is broken thankfully. Just some seriously bruised and swollen muscles. I narrowly missed smashing my CGM. I want to say it looks worse than it feels but it truly feels like I got hit by a bus. I've got some bruised/broken ribs. BUT, no head smash which would have made this recovery horrible. Also, I can't believe I am putting my ugly tattoo out there on the internet. I plan on getting a cover-up done one of these days. A word of advice? Don't get tattoos at 17 yrs old.

9. Just a cute restaurant on the corner.

10. If you walk up and down this one street in Hamilton there are plaques embedded in the concrete sidewalks. Every few squares there is a new one and if you start at one end and walk down one side of the street and up the other it creates a story.

11. I don't eat Subway because of the gluten but someone I know adores the place.

12. Graffiti. Or Art? cute, none-the-less. 


  1. Dude, you are a glutton for punishment! That looks PAINFUL! Sorry that you're hurting so bad. Now SIT STILL and give yourself time to heal. Don't go off on some uber-athletic adventure for a couple of weeks, Ok?

    Your care package should be getting there soon. That will totally help too. :-)

  2. Oooooo. Mountain biking. Tried it once. The very amateur single track was AWESOME. The next level up was terrifying, and I ended up walking half of it because I was afraid of going face first over the handlebars.

    Speaking of care packages, I'm still assembling yours....

  3. Yikes! But good bruise produce good stories, so I guess there's that!
    Yeah, the tattoo needs some love, but another opportunity for a good story. ;)
    And then there's the walk-this-street-and-read-a-story story...totally cool.
    The End. ;)

  4. Yikes! Hope you get all healed up soon!!!

    And I love your 12 of 12's!!!

  5. Owie Kapowie!!!! And "Hoogy Boogy"??? Bwah..hah...hah! Love it.

  6. You really need to stop falling off your bike!

    ... unless the road rash can scrap off that tattoo ;)

  7. OMG Scully! You're going to kill yourself!! (something my mother would say! LOL). and for just a moment i thought the tattoo was part of the bruise and i thought "wow that's a weird bruise!" please slow down, so you can heal. take care of yourself.

  8. Ouch, sorry to hear about the crash.

  9. Love these 12 of 12s, even if you do show us the results of your clutzy side. Can't wait for next month!


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