Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Injuries be gone!

I am an athlete.
I am USUALLY an athlete.

The past 3 months?

I'm a lazy tub of complaints.

Thwarted by injury as a result of my clavicle issue. I then toughed out Tough Mudder with a screwed up clavicle. Followed by a road bike crash which put me out for a couple weeks with a scraped up leg (which was nothing) and a concussion (which was something and left me with hellish migraines for 5 days). Then I started getting down to business rehabbing my clavicle and wouldn't you know it? A big ol' rock jumped out of the ground. Or should I say, I went hurdling towards it?

Yeah, the latter.

2 weeks after my road bike fall I fell off my mountain bike while on the trails. We were headed out for a fun Sunday morning easy trail ride. Apparently I should have second guessed that mess of rocks I tried to plow over because it plowed ME down. I didn't want to write about this for a few reasons. Mainly? Because I knew my mum would tear me a new one (which she did) (and rightfully so). Secondly? Complete and utter embarrassment. It's like I don't know what I'm doing on two wheels lately. I have crashed neither my road bike nor my mountain bike in the 10 some-odd years I've been riding. So why all of a sudden in 3 weeks I have major spills off both?

So the reality is that I hurt myself way worse than I cared to admit and that's why I'm writing about it now. Last week I ate an entire bottle of extra strength Ibuprofen and still could barely move. By the 4th day of agony I kind of wanted to throw myself into the Arctic Enema because there wasn't an ice pack big enough to soothe my body. I did NOT, however, hit my head. Mountain biking is a bit slower and although I went down on the same side of my body I had enough time to hold my head up. I bruised and possibly broke some ribs and landed on my lower back. I damaged some of my muscles and once the superficial bruising subsided the deep pain started. I have had to avoid every single slightly exercise thing completely. I've gone for short walks here and there and still end up in pain. Accepting that this is way worse than a simple bruise has been the hardest part. So here I am. Totally effed up.

The worst part? I am completely suffering from depression as a result of not being able to exercise. Injury depression. It's not like the kind of depression that the meds I'm already on could fix. I'm grumpy, moody and irritable. I guess there's a time for everything because I've gone most of my athletic life completely uninjured. I'm paying for it now all at once it seems.

For someone who is athletic and loves to exercise this is torture. I feel lazy and that's not my style.

It's going to be a few more weeks I figure before I am well enough to do anything. Right now I'm lucky if I can go for a walk. I can't run or cycle or climb stairs or swim or.... roll over in bed without waking up in pain. Yesterday I sneezed for the first time since my fall. I had been holding in sneezes and coughs (and laughs and giggles). I screamed out loud in my car and started crying. I'm on the mend and I will recover, it's just going to take awhile. I really did a number on myself.

So things have been quiet around here because I can't do much. If I can't do much then I don't have a whole lot to write about which sucks because I sure love writing. My beeges aren't loving me either and I feel like I have to be extra careful to eat right since I can't work out.

I honestly never thought I'd have to experience this side of injury and depression. It's very real!


  1. My heart goes out to you. I can't even imagine not being able to exercise. Stay strong! You're incredibly inspiring, so take the time to heal so you can get back out there!


  2. :( OH no!!! That sounds terrible, very terrible. I don't have a lot of experience with crashing bikes, but I can tell you that mountain biking nearly made the BF lose his cycling mojo. He crashed nearly every time he went out for a ride.

    I hope you heal soon, and in the meantime, feel free to email me.:)

  3. Being injured and unable to exercise is a major bummer. Being *really* injured? That must totally suck.

    Don't rush your recovery. I know being patient and sitting still aren't really your style, but give 'em a shot, m'kay? We all want you healthy and happy so that you can do your next bit of crazy awesomeness without hurting yourself again. :^)

  4. Are you going through physical therapy for any of this? It's, loosely stated, exercise, but controlled and monitored exercise that should help you get back to your usual self. At the very least, you'll be able to see the progress.

    I once broke a few bones in my forearm and wrist playing hockey. It totally sucked, because I couldn't (1) play hockey and (2) drive and drink coffee at the same time. PT was demoralizing, trying to bend my wrist to lift a 1-pound dumbell. Then it was a 2-pounder. But I still went to every hockey game and stood behind the bench (I was team captain at the time, which in my kind of league is also coach and secretary), and was also scorekeeper for some other games. I couldn't play, but I couldn't walk away from the game I loved either.

    Maybe you can't ride right now, but I hope you can still find a way to be involved. It hurts (emotionally) not being able to help the team, but sitting at home watching The Price Is Right is far worse.

    Good luck. I wish you complete healing and a speedy recovery.

  5. Oh girlfriend, I GET it. Sadly, I REALLY get it. I'm on exercise restrictions for 12 months, so I have a longggg way to go and the lack of exercise depression is in full effect. I'm here for you if you want someone to whine, b*tch and moan with. Heal up, read blogs, eat bad food. That's what I do. :) Hang in there!!!

  6. Sending you big hugs that don't hurt anything that already hurts! And hoping for a super fast recovery so you can get back to what helps you be you!!

  7. Ah Man Sculls...I HATE when I am sidelined from working out. It is hell. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to doing all that you love.

  8. Dang man, this sucks. I'm sorry. I'm glad you're on the road back, but I'm sorry the road is long, bumpy, and not necessarily straight or clear.

  9. Scully, I hope that you give yourself a break and just let your body heal! You are so amazing that you just keep matter what. You just keep moving forward! So maybe a few weeks of rest and repair will be hard now, but it will feel so sweet when you get back on your bike!!!

  10. aww scully =( i'm so sorry to hear about your new injuries. please take it easy, let yourself heal PROPERLY and try to stay positive. i'm saying prayers for a fast and total recovery. keep your chin up and your stick on the ice! (((hugs)))

  11. 1. 2. 3. You know what the people say about bad things happening in threes, well, by my count, you've had three real cruddy injuries, which means, it's high time for you to have another good string of injury free activity! Yay :)


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