Friday, September 28, 2012

I ran

Earlier this week I had one of those days of utter stress and frustrations.

I spent almost 3.5 hours commuting to and from work. When I got home, my laptop kept crashing while I was trying to work on freelance so I eventually gave up hope. I threw on some crap clothes, strapped on my cycling shoes and got on the trainer. I had nothing more than the music from my iphone. No Garmin, no other entertainment. I spun for an hour straight of relatively high cadence. Just spun and spun with not a single break. 1 hour, 1 big puddle of sweat.

What hurts these days? My lower back/hip. My collar bone. My ribs and surrounding muscles from the front to the back. All on the left side of my body.

After the spinning my hip was in awful pain. I iced and "bufered" it. (Thats a new word I learned for someone who takes a lot of ibuprofen).

Today? today I got home from work. I peeked around the house to make sure my housechick (chick I live with + house mate + friend) wasn't home. I snuck into my clothes, laced up my shoes and went for A GODDAMN RUN!!

I was afraid if she saw me she might tell me "no". I knew if I listened to my body I wouldn't have gone so I felt like if I was sneaking around maybe I could ignore the tell tale signs that I probably wasn't ready to run yet.

I ran. I ran slow and it was awkward. I ran for only 30 minutes. For someone who never ran less than an hour that felt lame to me. It was hard but not like the first time ever. It was hard because I know what it's supposed to feel like, I haven't forgotten. I remember hours on end of blissful enjoyment. My body seems to have forgotten though. I've been off almost all exercise for a month now never mind off running for most of the summer. I was still spending hours on the bike but the past month I've literally done nothing. I haven't been able to keep up in any other way.

So here I sit wishing I had a full body ice pack. I don't think the run was a good idea but how much longer do I have to wait?

After my trainer ride I realized just how much I relied on exercise to keep me somewhat even keeled mentally. Yeah it reduces anxiety and stress but it's also my hobby. It's something I enjoy and what I do in my spare time. I won't be running any marathons any time soon but I'd like to hope that working through this pain lately is the right thing to do. Now that my bike crash injuries are starting to heal I can get to work on rehabbing my clavicle.

I've mentioned before that I've never ever really had any injuries before right?


  1. Oh Scully, I feel for you. I can feel the frustration dripping off of your words.

    Injuries are hard because you never know if it's better to rest them or work them. I often make the mistake of trying to come back too soon, which then drags everything out. There has to be some way to stay in shape while also nursing an injury. What do the pros do?

  2. Scully, I'm not sure if I should be worried about you getting injured again, or happy that you were able to run?

    Maybe you're still figuring this thing out. That's okay. Your drive to get out, stay fit, and be tough is not a problem.

    Just remember to relax and heal up when necessary too. Easy for me to say, I know. I know this sucks. Hope it sucks less tomorrow.

  3. So happy to hear that you ran, but sad to hear how much it hurts. I, just like Scott, have made the mistake of coming back to soon and then being injured for longer. So frustrating for you!! Your drive is very inspiring!

  4. Yay! for the 30-minuter. I can sooooo feel and understand your frustration.


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