Monday, September 24, 2012

Diabetes Art Day 2012

Diabetes Art Day started as a really great idea by the DOC's resident Art Therapist: Lee Ann Thill.

It's a pretty awesome way to express ourselves.

Two years ago I did a rather painstaking drawing.
Last year I did a painting that was also painstaking but in a slightly different way.

This year I did something that was less of a time and pain burden. It's not very fancy or even very good but it's what I had in my mind. It brought me pleasure to create something (anything) since I hardly ever use my artistic talents.

(Yes I realized I F'd up the front wheel and the rear one looks too small)

Cycling is my favourite thing to do. When I ride my bike I experience great amounts of freedom. It's thrilling at times and scary at others. It can bring me to my exercise limits as well it proves what hard work can accomplish. However, no matter how fast or hard or easy going I'm cycling there is always something either on my mind or in the back of my mind.


Am I going too hard? Did I eat enough carbs? How many gels do I have on me? Is my BG going high? How low should I set my temporary basal rate? Should I bolus for breakfast or not? How long of a break am I taking mid way? Who can I call if I can't make it back home? Is this giant hill going to make my BG crash? or, am I too high to climb this giant hill? Where the hell do I put my pump?! etc etc etc...

It's always on my mind and it's there with everything I do.


  1. Great picture Scully! My sentiments exactly :) Hope you're feeling better!

  2. You are AMAZING and fantastically talented. :)

  3. You mean my wheels aren't supposed to look like that?

    Great picture... Thanks

  4. I love this. :) It's perfect for you!

  5. This is so you!!! Love it!!
    Hope you are starting to feel better again! :)

  6. Wow Scully! That picture is AMAZING!! I love it!

  7. BRAVA Scully! I had no idea you could draw, let alone draw so well!

  8. So true, diabetes is always there. I love it!

  9. What a sweet drawing! You got skill :) Very true post, it is always there no matter what.

  10. this is awesome Scully!! you are so talented! hope your feeling better.

  11. I love this picture! So awesome!

  12. I can't believe you think that didn't come out very good - I think it's amazing!!!


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