Thursday, August 9, 2012

The gift of bloggess

This post is not really D-related. Or exercise related either.

It is, however, blog related. Or bloggER related and no not the platform from Blogspot.

Most of you know, may have heard of, The Bloggess. She really went viral with her post about BeyoncĂ© the Giant Metal Chicken.  Ring any bells?!

*Please be advised that I shall not be held responsible for any following of links and discovering coarse and HILARIOUS language*

Besides, if you haven't read that yet, you clearly live under a rock and maybe don't even know what the internet is. Actually, if that was the case you wouldn't be reading this in the first place. SO, I will assume you know of her and BeyoncĂ©.  'nuff said.

The adorable creator Jenny Lawson wrote a book. A memoir of her completely messed up and insane childhood to be exact.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend her book signing and reading the other night in downtown Toronto. In her words (loosely quoted because I didn't exactly write it down), she wrote it for her kids to read later in life. She says she's lost a lot of her memory because of all the drugs she takes. Let me tell you, this woman is pretty darn fantastic. She suffers quite heavily with anxiety disorder (hens all the drugs) and for someone who deals with anxiety I can only imagine how hard it is to do a book tour. Sitting there for many hours in front of large crowds of people followed by individual book signings and pictures is probably my idea of a great recipe for a panic attack.

She was great though. Maybe she was all drugged up, I'm pretty sure she stated that outright at the beginning actually. She is cute and funny and it was so cool to hear her read her favourite chapter (of which I can't even mention the chapter title). She talked about the book and told us a story about taking her dead mouse to NYC for his book cover photo shoot. In case you were wondering, she really is that funny in real life.

I simply HAD to get a book signed for someone in particular. MY SISTER! So, I went to the book store in downtown Toronto. Two things I rarely do. Go to places where there's sure to be crowds and go to downtown Toronto. The whole time I kept telling myself I won't regret it. I kept thinking, "if this woman with severe anxiety disorder can tour the country talking in front of crowds and signing thousands of books then surely I can deal with it." I don't have crippling anxiety at all. But I REALLY hate crowds. I mean, really! I got down there at 6 and got in line at 6:30. Jenny talked for an hour but I couldn't see her because I was crammed into a line-up between the bookshelves. To deal with the wait before and after she talked, I plugged my earphones in and stood in line reading the book while listening to music. It was like my own little safe place amongst the chaos.

I waited in total for almost 3.5 hours. My feet and shoulder were sore from standing but I got a lot of reading done and subsequent bursts of snorting and laughter. In the end, it was totally and completely worth it! I got to meet Jenny, albeit for a whole 15 seconds. All I could muster out of my mouth was, "thank you so much for coming and doing this." I didn't know what else to say!

What's even better?? I was probably like half way in the line. There were hundreds of people. The picture I got with her I think really indicates her amusement factor. This picture just totally makes me laugh.

Probably muttering under her breath, "omg I can't possibly crack another fake smile and sign another book..."

So Erin-dear sister-if you are reading this: SURPRISE! I know it's not your birthday or Christmas or anything like that but this is for you!

Originally I wasn't going to read it until after you did but the book came in handy to keep me sane while waiting. I promise to wipe the book clean of snorting drool bits.


  1. Great minds think alike with posts today...

  2. She is hysterical! I love her!

  3. EEEEEK!! I love her! And I love you for doing this for me. I had heard she was going to publish a book, but I've not moved over her link to my Ipad yet.

    You rock sister. I CANNOT wait to read it. If it's half as funny as her blogs, I think I will need to invest in some diapers.
    I still will go back and re-visit the original Beyonce post, even a year or so later. It makes me laugh every time.

    I still can't believe you did this. Thank you!

    ps.. did she bring any metal chickens with her??

  4. You must really love your sister to wait that long in line for a signed copy....then give it to her!! LOL
    You know I'm going right to Amazon and ordering this book now!!

  5. I am SO jealous that you went to see Jenny. Her blog is awesome and her book is gut wrenching and hysterical at the same time. She's pretty amazing and the fact that she faces her fears over and over again to get up in front of people is pretty gutsy.

    You have one pretty lucky sister!

    Don't give her the book until you finish it. It gets crazier :)

  6. That is super awesome! I read the book early this summer and have not laughed myself that silly in a long time. I love her blog and her in general. She is also pretty inspiring and I think a lot of people feel that they can relate to her. Very cool that you got to meet her, great photo!

  7. ...also jealous!
    (actually, i have a list! hahaha)


  8. I love that book... and her.

    I went to a book signing when she was in Florida and was impressed with how long she stuck it out with us too.

    Here's the post I wrote, it's worth clicking over to read about how someone brought her a kitten.


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