Saturday, August 18, 2012

Move fast or... fall over trying

I was having 3 straight days of highs. This past week I had been wearing a sensor which helped me to see that my numbers weren't budging. They weren't super high but they were literally stuck around 10-11mmol/l (180-200mg/dl) for the better part of the day. This upset me greatly considering I had gotten my 30day avg on my meter down to 7.7mmol! (I was proud of that but it's no longer the avg now). The past few days was a trend I don't like but it's not like I had any idea why it was happening. I quickly upped my basals to 160% from about 10am-10pm and would be fine during the night. I was taking 20 more units of insulin per day. That's kind of A LOT!

Then something weird happened cuz, well.. it's diabetes. I don't expect anything less than weird.

It's 10pm, my temp basal finished about 2 hours before (so that it would be out of my system by 10'ish). I hadn't eaten much all day from the highs. I wanted to eat and was going for some beans and veggies. Chickpeas to be exact and I love them so I was eating a lot. There are a lot of carbs in chickpeas so I bolused for a decent amount. I wasn't afraid to take the whole bolus because I had been high for days with very little relief.

15 minutes later and I had eaten the majority of my beans and veggies when I noticed my properties were melting. I was sitting down and my knees felt hollow and tingly. My breath increased and I could feel my head falling over as if not even attached to my neck. I was breaking. I was in the middle of a Facebook conversation with a good friend (Hi Shelly!). At which point I had to explain briefly for her to bear with me. For the record, this friend doesn't know very much about diabetes so she was growing concerned.

I didn't have much time and I knew it. I pulled myself together and went to my low cupboard.

Picture taken after I recovered. My low cupboard is in complete disarray due to the fact that I'm in the middle of moving right now. Plus, for some reason, I keep all my glucose tabs etc in a different place.

My stomach was upset because I was going low during eating and was quite full. Juice? no, not enough room in my belly. Glucose tablets? Fruit chews? Rockets? No, No, NO! they all require eating and room and OMG I'm going to fall over right here on my kitchen tiles. Think quick Scully, don't be an ass. Glucose... glucose tablets... I don't have any Glucolift left and the thought of regular dex tabs made my stomach turn. Think, Think... honey? syrup? *GAG* no thanks. Well don't just sit there, DO SOMETHING! time is-a-tickin' you little idiot. How much time has passed? Maybe 20 seconds? I have a minute or two more before I collapse and I know it. I look at my CGM and wonder how the hell?! It hasn't even been 15 minutes. The insulin I just took can't possibly be working already. GLUCOSE GEL! I saunter off to my bedroom closet where I keep the Dex4 glucose gels. I use these when I can't stomach anything else and when I know I need something to work faster than anything else. *DING* Oh hey look, there's that weird gel I got when I visited the D-camp. Let's try that!

Side note: Never try something for the first time when the low is that bad.

OMG, one teeny tiny little bit in my mouth and I nearly lost my beans. I can tolerate almost anything but THAT was the most fetid crap. Simply putrid. Down goes the Dex4 in about a nanosecond. Like.A.Pro!

Sitting on the couch waiting. Nasty glucose gel vs. tolerable Dex.

waiting.... waiting.... waiting.... It feels like I'm waiting forever. It's been all of 5 minutes but in hypo land that's like an eternity. I can feel the life coming back into my body. The terror and fear start to subside. The nausea kicks up a notch as it often does coming out of a low that bad.

And now? well, I'm sure once those carby chickpeas hit my system I'll be chasing highs all night long.

*afterthought* I didn't chase highs all night. Thankfully!

I hate living alone sometimes when stuff like this happens. I had to think fast on my feet. Minutes were mere moments in a bad hypo world. I had a LOT of insulin that had just been injected into my body that started working in record time. I don't even know how that's possible. That feeling when sugar is out of reach and you don't know exactly how long you have before - who knows what - is evil.


  1. Oh man, unfortunately I can relate to every second of your post! That sounds like a scary one!! Nothing quite like the knowledge that you are going to pass out and need to help yourself fast, not helped by the fact that your brain does not want to cooperate. Glad you got yourself help in time and recovered. This is exactly why living alone scares the crap out of me sometimes. Hope today is a better one!

  2. ACK!!!!!! I'm feeling nauseated reading this.

    Glad you were able to get yourself treated, even though you had to cycle through less-appealing options to figure out a plan.

    Oh, and YAY for chickpeas!!!!

  3. Brutal Scully!! Glad everything is ok now!!

    And for the record...your low cupboard rocks!! ;)

  4. Holy crap! I haven't seen Glutose gel in like 20 years! (They still make it, or is it THAT old?). A tip for the glucose tabs: I usually just shove 'em in my mouth and wait for them to dissolve... it works well when not hungry (which for me is rarely!)

    I assume that you've recovered by now. I'm glad you did!

  5. I had something similar happen to me the other week. Very unusual for me: was low all afternoon, then cooked dinner. Still low 4.3mmol before eating, so no bolus. Felt strange so tested after eating: 1.7!!! OMG! I was too full, and had been chugging juice all day already. And then the unthinkable: need to be sick. Yes, at 1.7 :( since I don't have glucogels, I had tepid sugar water. Got the shakes. Endo said I should of had a glucogen shot, but it didn't even cross my mind! Took me over 2hrs to climb back to 5.3mmol. I wonder if those dex gels are available in NZ? I've never seen them and the last time I had a gel it was over 15 yrs ago and it tasted baaaad!

  6. Yikes! Bean had a low the other night and thankfully she downed the juice box, but it took her a good 5 minutes (with me rattling off tons of suggestions) to decide what else to eat! It was crazy...hadn't seen her that disoriented, ever. Oh, and she didn't even remember having the juice once she was back in range. UGH!
    Oh, she asks me all the time now about you riding your bike! ;)

  7. Oh man, that sounds miserable. Totally miserable.

  8. awww scully, that really sucks. chasing highs is bad enough (been there, done that recently), but those "outofnowhere" lows really bite. they come on fast, with no warning, and leave me drained. i feel for you. glad the dex4 gel worked. i like it too.


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