Friday, August 31, 2012

Clif Crunch and Luna Bars

Who loves free stuff? I love free stuff!

In exchange for a review, I received some Clif Crunch and Luna Bars free of charge. I am not new to Clif products. I remember the Clif dude walking around handing out freebies at last years Mid-Summer Night's Run and I was like, "Hey now!" because he was really cute.

No really, more than the cute Cliff sample dude I've been eating Clif stuff for EONS. Like I used to live off of Clif bars. I ate so many Carrot Cake and Apricot bars that I will no longer touch those two flavours if you paid me to. Clif bars were always the go-to snack for camping. The last day out on trips lunch was always left-over gorp and Clif. I love the Clif gels, the shot blocks, the protein builder bars, all of it. Plus they are a team sponsor for Team Type 1 which only makes it even better.

So what did I receive? I got all 4 flavours of the Clif Crunch and all 6 flavours of the Luna Bar.

First, I have celiac. Second, I'm a bit of a lazy celiac. I eat gluten free oats every morning at home but when it comes to packaged food, I won't usually put up a stink. Cross contamination in the kitchen? Meh. Maybe one day I'll have to be more careful but right now it seems as though I'm doing pretty well. The Luna bars don't have any wheat barley or rye in them but they do state "May contain traces of.." So they are not suitable for all celiac sufferers I'm sure. Just the lazy ones like me. The Clif Crunch bars on the other hand have oats, barley and rye which to be honest I only just noticed NOW as I went to google them. Oops. I may not eat them again but what's done is done right?

Okay, Clif Crunch bars. When I got these they seemed like just another version of the same bars that other companies have out there. Just more expensive because they are "Clif" brand. Kind of means they are aimed at "energy" bars more than plain old granola bars. As soon as that word is branded on a package it automatically makes the cost go up. The first bar I tried was the peanut butter one (would you expect anything else from me?) and to be honest it really did taste much like it's competitors brand just slightly different texture. Then I ate the other three (not in the same sitting, geez, this was over the course of a few weeks!). The other three flavours were SO damn good I was upset I didn't have more. The white chocolate macadamia nut bar? To die for. Like most Clif products it's different because it's mostly organic and made with whole grains. That's a lot of the reason why I buy Clif stuff too. 70% organic, no HFCS, no artificial sweeteners (YUCK!), no trans fat or anything else ugly.

As for the Luna Bars, they are much the same. I think it's funny that they are marketed towards women stating they are "The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women." But whatevs, they are tasty goodness and for whatever it's worth, they are full of vitamins and minerals. This is where the "women's" part comes in I guess. It makes no difference to me really, I like them for the size and carb count. Regular Clif bars have more than 40g of carbs and that's a lot for an in between snack (for me). I like the Luna bars because they are around 23g of carbs.

To find out more go to the Clif Bar website.


  1. I bought the White Chocolate Macadamia Clif bars in the US a few weeks ago [are they available in Canada? Bonus, if so!] and tried my first one yesterday. I have no idea what took me so long, but--freaking amazing! :D

  2. My goto when I crave candy is the Chocolate Peppermint... but I love, love, love the LemonZing Luna!

    Gonna hafta try Clif Crunch.

    Jealous of your freebies :)


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