Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August more than 12 of not the 12th

This past weekend I spent a couple nights camping and a day of cycling with my DBFF. The post for this will go up tomorrow because I couldn't not do my 12 of 12!

Well this month is different. We cycled all day Saturday the 11th. Sunday was a boring day of breaking down camp and then driving home. Then feeling super sick all evening and through the night.

So here are lots of pictures from our day of cycling. Some of these pics will be repeated in tomorrows ride recap so don't enjoy them too much ;)

1. our piles of carbs and other stuff
2. Andy and Jeff just outside of Ithaca

3. Just Jeff

4. Stopped for a beeg check

5. Flying down a hill. Look at that face! He's loving it.

6. This is the second picture I have of Jeff making this face

7. Jeff and Andy

8. I was trying to take a picture of Lenny but at 31km/h it maybe wasn't the best decision

9. Jeff and Andy (again)

10. Best coffee shop!

11. these pictures are out of order

12. Stopped at a park beside the lake. Jeff and Andy had a friendly competition to try and hit the dead fish floating in on the waves with rocks.

13. Yeah, I'll buy the hand written one

14. It was so cool to see this actually turned out

15. figuring out the rest of the way around the lake

16. Nice picture of Lenny

17. the trash from everything we consumed and all the testing we did

18. Stuffing our faces with GF pesto rice pasta

19. Followed by some GF s'mores!!

20. What makes regular s'mores better? PEANUT BUTTER!

21. Necessary tent supplies

The End.


  1. Awesome photos! I might have to steal some of these.

    I had a great time riding with you and Andy! We will have to do it again.

  2. ...took me a few seconds to realize that
    picture #14. was you...taking a pic with your
    iphone...not you...eating a piece of Swiss Cheese.
    ...plus, 21 pictures...and only ONE of you? meh!

  3. Uh, ok. Why the heck wasn't I invited on this adventure??!?! (P.S. Don't enjoy this comment too much because you'll see the same thing on your post tomorrow) :)

  4. Show Off!
    I much prefer the 31km/h pic of Lenny...everyone likes a nice action shot!
    LOVE the reflection of you in the sunglasses...note to self, must get more artsy in my photos. ;)


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