Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little brain rattling bike crash

It was bound to happen.
One day or another I was going to fall off my bike. More than just tipping over at intersections because I can't get my clip out in time.

I'm talking crashing. There is a picture down there of my bloody knee but it's not that bad. Luckily I took the picture as soon as it happened and not after it got all gross and nasty. Just a little FYI if you are squeamish.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Sunny and hot. I was riding with a friend in a town about an hour drive from home. We had already been out for nearly 3 hours. Dude made a joke and it happened to be a potty humour joke. I have very little restraint when it comes to that and I laughed so hard I lost control of my bike. I have slid around on gravel shoulders many times and regained control. This gravel shoulder is what I like to refer to as "quick-sand-gravel". It's like the fresh stuff that's so thick you could leave a foot print. Skinny little tire meets quick-sand-gravel. There wasn't a chance in hell I was going to recover from that.

Down I went. First my knee, then my chest and finally my head. I saw the world as if it was in fast forward for a second. I saw a mush view of the sky then trees, then road, then black. Like a sack-o-potatoes I hit the ground hard with most of the impact on my head. One second I'm laughing, the next I'm on the ground.

Jeff gave me this jersey and this was the first time I got a chance to wear it. The zipper can be replaced I hope because I've always secretly admired this jersey.

I sat there trying to regain my composure. My head was pounding and I couldn't open my eyes because I was afraid I'd see the world spinning. My head hurt SO BAD I could barely think straight. My jaw was not okay either. THANKFULLY, I was in the same town my sister lives. She picked me up and we went to the hospital. I sat there in the triage waiting area with my head in my hands and my helmet on my lap. And my jersey wide open. My helmet was all dented with a nice big crack where the impact was. I may or may not have dripped blood on the floor.

before everything started swelling and bleeding

As they got my info it was clear I was concussed but it didn't seem to be too serious. They cleaned up and bandaged my leg and finally gave me some painkillers for my wretchedly horrible headache. I was sent for X-rays of my head and jaw. The whole time my sister stayed with me toting around my stuff all over the place. This is where it gets interesting. We were waiting for the results from the X-ray when some poor guy 2 seats over starts vomiting into one of those stupid clear puke bags they give you. Y'all know by now I have a serious fear of vomit. Well this proved it. I was trying to be a hero by sitting there telling myself I could handle it. I was all like, "Scully, you're a grown woman." And then the world slowly started slipping away. I continued to sit there hoping this wasn't really happening. My body went weak. My vision went black and I couldn't hear or see anything. Next thing I know they're loading me onto a gurney and I'm covered in sweat. Apparently they tested my blood and asked me questions. My sister told me I said, "The world just isn't right.." or something like that which got a curious "wtf" look from the nurses. Well it wasn't I tell you! The world just wasn't right at all! I also kept repeating, "My head feels weird." I remember it felt like there was a ball in the centre of my head and it was radiating bizarre energy to the outside of my skull. At first I thought I had a panic attack, then I realized I simply fainted. Which is crazy embarrassing to admit.

I tried telling them not to worry but because of the head injury they whisked me off to have a head CT. My dear sister tried to get a picture just for the blog 'cuz she knew I'd like one but they closed the door in front of her. Both X-rays and CT showed nothing. *whew* I was in the clear with a concussion and some scrapes and bruises. I was lucky. Thanks to the helmet that is.

Can you see the crack all the way through?
That could have been my skull.

Limar helmet saved my noggin.

I slept at my sisters house that night since it wasn't safe for me to drive home and I was told not to be alone for 24 hours. It was a rough night, I'll admit that. I was dizzy, nauseous and disoriented all night. I put down a banana but wasn't able to eat anything else. The pain from my head and leg woke me up constantly. I was glad when the morning came. I made it home safely while drinking a very large coffee from Starbucks.

My sister? amazing. She went out of her way to take care of me. When I reached out right before I fainted - there she was holding my hand. She let me consume the corner of her couch all night while watching movies with the kids as I was in and out of different states of awareness. She checked up on me throughout the night as the kids played musical beds. I am utterly grateful for such a loving family. Even my little 21month old nephew who kept looking at my leg and saying, "EEEEEEEewwwww" even though the worst of it was bandaged up.

She pulled out the big inflatable bed and turned the living room into a giant cushy lounge. My niece curled up beside me and we all watched The Lorax.

My cuts and bruises will heal. My rattled brain will recover eventually. I hope soon because living in a brain fart although it sounds funny is not very efficient. I'm still struggling to regain myself 2 days later. I broke the clip off my pump but surprisingly enough, the pump has only some scratches. Sexy B? She needs some new bar tape and a tune up but otherwise the only other damage is a seriously scraped pedal. Oh and a few bits of gravel wedged in the brake shifters.

I could spout how I vow to be more careful in the future but when I think about it, that's not possible. The only way for someone like me to be more careful is to do nothing at all. A klutz does not simply become un-klutzy. I've tried it and it doesn't work. Besides, I keep reminding myself that there was no way I would have been able to recover from quick-sand-gravel and I went down while laughing. All in all, I got off lucky. Also, in a round about way, learned the true colours of a certain douche bag supreme.

But....... I will be taking time off now for awhile. Nothing serious for me for a bit.


  1. I was going to post something snarky like "well, at least you got to hear a good potty joke", but then I saw the pictures and YIKES! All I can say is: wow... this could've been a lot worse, and I'm so glad it wasn't. And if there is ever a lesson on the importance of wearing a helmet, this is it. Best wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Glad you are okay and so glad you were wearing a helmet! Thank goodness for good family :) Rest up and take it easy!

  3. ...the 'COOL' thing about scars...is that you can say,
    "...been there, done that"...and survived.

    ...my knees cringed for you as i read this!(of course the scars on my knees are from over 40 years ago! hahaha!)

    ...glad you were able to get..."what was bound to happen"...out of the way.

    Happy Healing! (what else can one say?)

  4. i'm glad you will be okay after a good bit of R&R. thank god for bike helmets. this will be a story to read to my grandson, cause he is 6 and invincible! take it easy scully, and no more quicksandgravel for you! (unless you're pushing douche bag supreme into it??)

  5. Can't believe I'm reading this exactly one year after a similar crash, with similar results. At least you were smart enough to go to the hospital. I waited a day so I could (be forced to) go to my doctor, who, after checking everything out, informed me I would be off for a week... from everything.

    But you're right. You will heal, and all will be well again. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not tough enough. This proves it, if you didn't know already.

  6. Crap like this builds character. When you're healed from this, your's will be a little stronger.

    Sooner or later you're going to need to share that potty joke that sent your whole day into the toilet.

  7. First off--and most importantly--I am so glad that you aren't unfixably broken. It was a real scare to see the news that you crashed, needed a head CT, and were pretty battered. Take the time, get yourself well, and we'll be riding together again soon.

    Now, I know I'm probably still not supposed to make jokes about this, but I just can't resist a couple more. I will apologize in advance. (You don't have to accept, if you don't want to. :^)

    Way to show some sponsor love with the helmet pictures and the testimonial. They should give you another one for being such a good spokesperson. Seriously, wear a new helmet the next time you go out.

    And when you asked about the scars on my knee during our camping/bike trip, I didn't think you were going to go right out and try to get your own. Copycat!

    Heal fast!

  8. Good lord! I go away for a few days and Jeff does an Ironman and you crash your bike.

    That sucks - I've never crashed but I have such a fear of it that I can kinda relate to what it must have felt like. I'm so so glad you're ok. Head injuries are scary things and I'm glad you're going to heal just fine from yours.

    So...no running. No cycling for a bit and no swimming? What's next? Yoga?

  9. rest and heal!! so glad it's just scrapes and bruises and nothing more serious...that, kids, is why you wear a helmet!!

  10. OK, so you know I so totally get this. Everything from the potty joke (can you please tell us what was so funny? I could use a laugh, to the passing out next to the vomitting guy. I actually am nauseous after reading this post because I literally would have died had I been beside a vomitting person. Diarrhea would have been fine. Just not throw up. Hope you are okay - that is truly very scary and quite a hit to the head. Take care of yourself. I promise if we ever bike together I won't talk about farts and stuff. It's too dangerous

  11. Holy shit Scullmeister! I'm so glad to hear that you're relatively Ok. I bet you're going to be even more sore for a while. Sheesh, what a scare for you!

    This calls for some Pearson nut rolls.

  12. My gawd that evil pavement totally kicked your ass, but like I said on FB, my money's on you for the next round! You'll be back on your bike soon enough and rocking the road like never before... and hey, now you've got yet another brilliant story to tell for years on end! Take care of that head of yours my dear friend xx

  13. its those clips, they will kill you if you have the betes. I wrecked on saturday and since I use old school cages when the bike went down I stood on it and rolled onto the sidewalk afterwards. Well get to feeling better and share the joke when you can and either get rid of the betes or the clips to save your life. One or the other has to go. OK so maybe I am just a wuss and scared to death of clips but either way get better.

  14. Oh my gosh!

    I am glad you are okay!

    I am so clumsy... you may have convinced me that getting back on the bike (after 9 years) is not the right thing for me.


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