Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20 (+1) things in 100km

I've noticed that my last string of blog posts have been rather down trodden. Between my clavicle injury, my inability to run, my issues with my cardiologist and subsequent heart tests it was high time for me to switch gears.

Riding 100km gives me a lot of time to think. I went for a solo ride and it was a little bit of everything. The weather was literally to die for. Bright blue skies and a perfect temperature of 24'ish degrees (Celsius). Yeah there was an intense headwind for most of it but I really wasn't going for top speed or anything. Besides, headwinds make me stronger right? (??)

Here's a list of some things that I thought about:
  1. Not forgetting sunscreen is good but forgetting lip balm sucks.
  2. Sexy B really needs a tune up big time. She's acting all drunk 'n stuff. Shifting up two gears when I ask for one or it won't shift down and then suddenly slips 3 gears. Must get 'er looked at before my trip next weekend with Jeff.
  3. It's okay to blow snot rockets year round. IMHO. I used to think it was only a cold weather thing. Or maybe it's just me, maybe I have an over active nose. I don't see anybody else blowing nearly as many rockets as me during the summer.
  4. Sweat really burns my eyeballs while messing with my contacts and then I can't see.
  5. I crave Coke Zero in a way I never do any other time. I'm not a big Coke (or Diet Coke or pop in general) fan at all any other times.
  6. When you (young guys) scream something incoherent at me as you drive by in your car, it doesn't do anything for me. Sorry. Well it does one thing, gets me to flip you the bird.
  7. It's not worth it to try and ride out a low even after you've treated it. It's best to just sit and wait it out. Swerving and hyperventilating imminent. Oh and if I think I'm low it's probably because I am.
  8. I need to stop selling myself short. Although I'm not a great bike racer, I'm faster than any other stranger I pass out there
  9. Although earphones are not very safe, after two hours of only wind in my ears, music is a nice change and gets me going again. My average speed went up quite a bit the last hour.
  10. 65km of crazy headwinds SUCK!
  11. Just when I think my BG is so totally predictable on a bike, think again.
  12. When my Garmin has been reading 67.41km for 20 minutes straight it's probably time to hit the start button again.
  13. My shoulder hurts. :(
  14. My body is weird. Either I have short arms or a shorter than normal torso because although I'm on a bike that is supposed to be the right size for me, it's still an awkward stretch to ride the hoods proper. I find myself riding halfway between as my most "happy place". Somewhere between hoods and piano. (for you non-cyclists, the hoods are the rubber parts on top of the brakes/shifters and "piano" is straight on the bars closest to the stem) I took a picture of my sweet spot but deleted it by accident.
  15. I really need new cycling shoes. :/
  16. As long as there is a coffee shop for me to take a rest at half way, I'm really easy to please.
  17. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with the escarpment stairs, I have to admit they make me a much stronger cyclist.
  18. Carbs take up so much damn space! I hate carrying so much of them. However, never underestimate what you might need. Today, I ate almost everything I had with me and most of it was for my beeg (BG) unfortunately.
  19. Texting and cycling is just as bad as texting and driving. I shouldn't do it. Though I've totally mastered cycling and checking my beeg at the same time!
  20. Even after 95km, that last 5km with hills that I usually dread I barely even noticed today. In fact I think I killed them which totally surprised me. Normally when I'm nearing that kind of mileage I start to really fade.
Waiting out a low.
Last thought?

21. Not a whole lot makes me happier than spending time on my two wheels.


  1. Repeat this one several times a day...
    I need to stop selling myself short. Although I'm not a great bike racer, I'm faster than any other stranger I pass out there

    Snot Rockets made me laugh!

  2. Forgetting chapstick does suck when biking.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Bike riding is such a happy experience for me, too.

  3. Racing is a whole other skill set, me thinks, than being "fast." I've seen you ride. You are super speedy 'betic girl with attitude.

    I ride in the drops...even when I don't have to. It's a bad habit and now I sit like a hunchback.

    Why didn't you order shoes?? Love your feet and they will love you back... Which reminds me that I need to fix my clips.

  4. Forgetting chapstick AT ALL is terrible. I'm a bit of an addict though, especially after having braces.

    I can relate to a lot of things on your list. I recently got fitted for a bike and now officially know that I'm riding a bike 2 sizes too small. Oops.

  5. Very funny and honest post! I love riding my bike and I always "ride" out my problems. Sorry your shoulder hurt but glad you got on the bike! Sexy B must have been very lonely.....

    You are awesome....snot rockets and all!!

  6. Love the time on two wheels!

    I prefer the drops like Becky. Is that really a bad habit?

    1. It's personal maybe. I ride in drops during races, speeding down hills or sprinting. Sometimes I force myself to practice staying in the drops but I find it uncomfortable for regular riding. Plus my hands go numb (?)

  7. This post makes me happy! Just a couple more days!

    I sit like a hunchback, too, and I don't even ride in the drops very often! I love the hoods, and riding there feels so much more natural after I got my bike fitting.

    Yesterday I learned that it's also best to wait out a low when running, too. It was the stopped car I ran into which clued me in to that fact.


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