Monday, July 16, 2012

July 12 of 12

still going strong. I look forward to the 12th every month. It's the little things.

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I wasn't well this 12th. I had a friend who is an athletic therapist work (read:torture) on my shoulder the night before. I woke up with a massive migraine as a result so my day was spent doing pretty much nothing.

1. Ice before coffee. It's that bad.

2. Mmm... my pal Advil.

3. Watched stage 12 of the Tour de France

4. Received a much needed and appreciated "cheer you up" card from a best friend.

5. I tried to get a bit of work done in between Advil and ice sessions but my laptop kept crashing so I gave up.

6. I had some supplements. Love my little shaker I got in a race kit.

8. Decided to read a bit instead. I got about 2 pages in before I totally and completely fell asleep. For 3 hours! Yeah, that's a dollar bill book mark. I started the book on the plane and didn't have anything else. It's not like I can actually use it up here though.

9. I woke up with barely enough time to get to a doctors' appointment I had that evening.

10. Post appointment, a big fat coffee. I needed it after that appointment and after sleeping during the day. It wasn't the smartest idea though because I couldn't sleep that night. Not surprising.

11. Right down to the last drop

12. Finish off the day with.... more ice.


  1. Scott Johnson is going to have more pictures to choose from when he makes his next vaguely creepy "Scully" sign.

    And I love those stamps! Except the pony-tailed touring-bike woman is totally going to get a time penalty for drafting off the tri-bike rider.

  2. Ice before coffee??????? A care package may be in order.

  3. Feel better soon. I can feel your pain in the first picture. :-)

  4. Ha! YES! More options for the limo sign! :-)

    Seriously though, you look miserable. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. hope your shoulder is feeling better. i feel your pain. =(

  6. Always love the 12 of 12...hope you are feeling much better!!


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