Monday, July 23, 2012

A bad D day

Remember Diabetes Blog Week?
The day we wrote about one thing we do spectacularly? I wrote about what I like to call "the parachute landing". It's a thing I do when my beeg is super high. Go read it, if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Basically, it's a trick I came up with to get my beeg down FAST cuz I have no patience and I suffer big time with high symptoms.

The other night I had a terrible time sleeping. Nothing was comfortable. I wanted to set fire to my pillows and throw my bed in a dumpster. It was probably just me but it's easier to blame a pillow. I woke up at 3:30am totally wide awake. I went outside and sat on my porch for a bit enjoying the fact that I still have a porch while I still have my house. Naturally I tested my BG to rule out restless sleep from highs or lows. I was sitting at my favourite number. 6.9mmol/l (124mg/dl).

Eventually I fell back asleep. In the morning I didn't bother checking as soon as I woke up like I normally would because it was fine only a few hours ago. Well, it SHOULD have been fine. When I was getting dressed something was amiss. My infusion set was dangling from my arm. I swore loudly. Then I wondered, how long have I been unplugged for exactly? No way to know. A check of the beeg had me at 16.4mmol/l (295mg/dl). Well that explains my headache at least.

I replaced the infusion set, grabbed a syringe, injected 8 units (into muscle) and poured myself more coffee since there would be no breakfast.

The run-down:
3:30am - 6.9mmol/l (124mg/dl)
somewhere between 3:30am and 8:00am I ripped out my infusion set
8:00am - 16.4mmol/l (295mg/dl)
8 units by syringe
9:00am - 13.9mmol/l (250mg/dl)
11:00am - 6.2mmol/l (112mg/dl)
ate a small nectarine no bolus
1:00pm - 5.8mmol/l (104mg/dl)

A perfectly executed parachute landing. Beeg comes down fast and right before surely committing suicide, I stuffed it with a nectarine (about 20g carbs). For a soft landing.

It was a beauty sight to be seen. I was proud.

An hour later? I went out to buy a coffee at lunch. I reached over for my wallet on my passenger seat and ... Rrriiiiiipppp!! Thar she blows. No more Orbit 90 infusion sets for me. Out of a box of 10, 8 of them ripped out at the slightest touch. I love these sets for their spinny action and that's why I predominantly wear them on my arms. A couple months ago I had 4 rip out in 2 days. I took a break. Last week 3 ripped out in 4 days and that last one? left me stranded. It's like all you have to do is breath on them and out they come. Earlier that morning when I had just replaced the one that ripped out during the night I thought, "I should bring a back-up to work today." Did I? No. I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. I even placed it so that it would be less likely to tear. I kept up with a syringe for the next few hours because by this point I was hungry from skipping breakfast. Syringe worked like a charm but required multiple bits to take over for failed pump action.

It's 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon and I'm over an hour from home. Not only that but I was headed downtown Toronto after work for a birthday party. I called up Medtronic. I've always had good luck with their customer service. It just so happens that their head office is about 20 minutes from my work. Pump supplies aren't exactly sold everywhere. To my knowledge there are only a couple places I can buy the stuff from in a pharmacy. I was able to get to their head office right before they closed and buy a box of infusion sets. 3 hours unplugged and I was all put back together again.

Site change in my car

2 disasters fixed in one day and the decision that 8/10 ripped out infusion sets is enough for me to say, "No thanks Orbit 90."

What a day!

But it ended with a pretty hilarious and awesome birthday party. I'm happy to say it all worked out in the end despite the uncalled for diabetes drama.


Laughing is contagious and this guy is an absolute hoot to have around.


  1. I think I'll save the video and watch it every Monday.
    The d-drama, is sucky.

  2. You are not exactly selling me on full-time pumping... In fact, I my kids managed to rip off two Pods in a weekend, which pretty much killed the experience for me and wasted about 100u of perfectly good insulin. No thanks.

  3. I've never heard of the "Orbit 90" infusion sets but I'm having really great luck with the Mio sets. Although, the blue tubing looks cool!

    I always think to bring extra supplies with me, but the thought usually escapes without me acting on it...until one day at work when I had forgotten that I got the warning that the resevior was low before I left for work and then I actually ran out..... I had no insulin, no infusion sets and I couldn't leave the office. It was four hours until I got home and my bgs were ugly!!! The next day I showed up with a bag of extra supplies and I put another bag in my car (just in case). Lesson learned.

    Laughing makes everthing feel better, thanks for the laugh :)

  4. Yep, sounds like those sets suck! Glad you were able to get the supplies you needed...AND the laughs!

  5. I have the order form for the Orbits that I got at FFL. You are not exactly making me want to try it!


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