Friday, June 8, 2012

What's in my bag?

I've never done one of these "what's in my bag" posts. Mostly because I thought it would be boring. However, I am very easily convinced if asked. Lately Nikki at Diabetes and Celiac Sunshine did this followed by Dave at The Diabetic Camper. I like those two people. So I copied them.

So I literally just emptied my bag onto my desk at home. Spilled its contents. I didn't remove anything nor did I stage anything. This is all that I happened to find in my bag that day and really it's reflective of what's almost always in my bag. Some call it a purse, I'm still working on that. If you're from the UK it's a "handbag". 

Here is a picture of my bag as it is.

And here are it's contents:

  1. My little aluminum card holder. I recently got rid of carrying a wallet since after all it was just a glorified card holder. 
  2. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste. I'm not one of those people that brush my teeth after every cup of coffee or bite of food, that's not why it's in there. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth in the morning so this make sure I do it at work.
  3. Necessary bottle of Advil. However this is no ordinary bottle of Advil. Inside there is a selection of goodies: Advil, Tylenol, my meds in case I spend the night anywhere, gravol, atavan in case of a panic attack.
  4. My boss printed this list of red light cameras in Hamilton
  5. Truvia because it's the only artificial sweetener I can justify myself using
  6. Change purse which holds a spare pump battery, lancets, safety pins, bobby pins and other random bits and pieces. Oh yeah, also coins
  7. My skull data key
  8. Dr. Pepper and Burt's Bees lip balms
  9. My laughing item. This is my calendar. I get made fun of it all the time because I have an iphone. Call me old school.
  10. Ear phones. Music gets me through my work day
  11. Spare key for my car for when I go running or cycling and don't want to carry the keychain et al.
  12. Bottle of Dex glucose tablets. 
  13. Chocolate 9 gel
  14. Glucagon (case courtesy of Colleen)
  15. My favourite gum (React2)
  16. To do list. (see #9)
  17. UCI cycling licence and Hamilton Cycling Club card
  18. Eye drops for that "ironed on" feeling contacts provide
  19. Miscellaneous diabetes paraphernalia
  20. Tampons... just in case.
  21. Money.. $15. Who carries that anymore?
  22. The greatest invention ever. Starbucks cup plugs
  23. (the 2nd #22 because apparently I can't count) My SVMIC pen, got it at a bike race in Tennesse

24. My glucose meter and case. Complete with biohazardous blood stains.

You will notice a few things about my bag. First, there are no spare pump supplies. I have no answer for this except for "can't be bothered." I won't be without a vial and syringe though. That's me in a nutshell. Ill prepared for a diabetes insulin pump emergency. At least I have a toothbrush there.

And what was left inside my bag once it's contents were spilled all over my desk?

Oatmeal, test strips and an old infusion set.  


  1. Omigod. That's a very fascinating glimpse into your world but then I started thinking about my purse and realized that I carry a lot of shit. And I don't carry spare pump supplies either unless I'm going to be far from home. Most days I can easily drive the two minutes home if I get myself all caught up on a door handle.

  2. I carry way too much stuff with me everyday.

  3. Love it!
    That's a great handbag, btw.
    Also, I have a spare cartridge and infusion set in my desk and a set in my glove box (probably destroyed by the heat by now) so I don't carry them on my person regularly. Even when traveling, they stay in the hotel/apt unless I'm going to another town for the day. Sometimes I make sure there's a syringe in my kit so I can suck insulin out of the pump and inject it in a pinch to carry me over to getting to the bulk of my gear.


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