Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Twin Cities Tour de Cure (Part 1)

It continues to amaze me just how lucky I am to get to experience all that I have had the opportunity to do. It's all in part due to having diabetes, blogging and Team Type 1. It's all about the people, the places and the amazing blood sugars.

Last year Heather invited me to come ride with her team "The Pancremaniacs" at the Twin Cities tour de cure. There was a lot of excitement until I realized how long I had to wait. The months ticked by until finally it started to become a reality! I would be riding with Heather (@auntlyh) and Scotty J (@scottkjohnson). Then through cosmic powers of the universe both Jeff and I learned of each other's participation and we probably jumped up and down from our respective homes. How perfect would this be? I mean since we learned that we were normal people and not psychopaths after Jeff was up here for the Around the Bay race.

It never occurred to me to ride anything other than the 100mile century route. Go big or go home right? I have never ridden that far in one day in my life. The farthest I've ridden is 120km. 100miles is 160km for the record. It was not a question of whether or not I could actually ride 100miles. I know my bike and I are like one. The bike is just an extension of my body. And when you ride it for that long it REALLY becomes part of you, like "ouch" - part of you. I was worried the most about how my crotch would fare.

Photo credit: Jeff
The sign!
I know I look unimpressed but I was a bit surprised!

I LOVE these guys!
Photo credit: Scott
I arrived in Minneapolis after 3 hours of sleep since I needed to leave my house at 3:00am to get to the airport. There were both Scott and Jeff excitedly waiting for me. Scott was holding a sign that I actually found quite creepy but cute nonetheless. We made our way over to Heather's quaint adorable home where we sat around barely able to contain ourselves. I assembled my bike and we talked and talked. Scott, Jeff and I went for a little toot around town on our bikes getting the mini tour of Minneapolis. After a mad dash to get changed for the VIP dinner we were off (and I was fading by the minute). It was there that we met up with Nikki! a fellow Celiabetes and someone I've been patiently waiting to meet. Aww man, we were a happy group. Nikki has quite the sense of humour and kept me awake and laughing all the way through the night.

Photo credit: Scott via Jeff's camera
Posing next to the diabetes graffiti Scott was excited to show us.

I love the TT1 jersey!

Afternoon ride... look, calf muscles!!

Photo credit: Jeff
Scott and Nikki!

The VIP dinner thang was an interesting experience. I was a little bummed out that they didn't have any coffee though! Despite that, it was really inspiring to meet and talk to some really great people and witness how and why they raised money for this event. A lot of them rode for themselves as diabetics or in support of family and/or friends effected by diabetes. As for my Team Type 1 duties, I was put on stage as part of a question and answer session. I was up there with Mike Dalbec from TT2 and Chris Carmichael. Chris was Lance Armstrong's personal training coach and also has his own Training System. He's a wealth of knowledge and I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say. I will admit by this time in the night I was feeling pretty wasted and worn out. The questions from the audience were mostly directed towards Chris and didn't have a whole lot to do with diabetes. That is not to say I didn't still learn a lot. I did get asked one question that got me in trouble later that evening. It was funny though, having the mother of the woman who created Team Wild shaking my head between her hands. I was asked if I wake up early to eat breakfast and then go back to bed. My answer was, "That's a GREAT idea if you can do that but I don't do it personally because it's just so much work." I did go onto explain that I try to eat my oatmeal (and lots of peanut butter) as early as I can muster.

Photo Credit: Jeff
This is where I was talking about my breakfast and laziness about waking up at 3am. Chris looks like he's listening intently. HA!

I then turned our evening into what we would eventually call "The Tour de Coffee". Since I had been doing nothing but talking about coffee ALL day. These guys were like, "If we get some coffee in Scully, maybe she'll shut the eff up!" This is where it starts getting fuzzy for me. We drove around for awhile getting lost and failing hard core at the search for coffee. Café's closing at 9pm on a Friday night? What gives?! In the end, Nikki had to go and I was almost passed out in the back seat of Scott's truck. We eventually DID find a McDonald's which is a good safe and convenient place to find coffee. The last thing I remember is falling into bed. Got a whole 4 hours of sleep though, which wasn't exactly super.

I will finish this post with a picture because the next post will be about the actual ride:

Photo Credit: Jeff
Caption: "Where's the coffee!?"


  1. Fantastic post! We had such a good time, didn't we? I can't wait to hear what you have to say about our little ride.

  2. Hahahaha. That sounds like the start to an amazing trip. Seriously, cafes close at 9 on a Friday? If you came here, you'd never have that problem! :) I hope one of these days, the travel gods will work things out so we can finally meet in person. Does TT1 send anybody to Washington or Oregon for cycling?

  3. Like you're supposed to be responsible for what you say if they didn't have coffee?!?! ;) What respectable VIP dinner has no coffee?!?!

  4. You guys inspire me to start riding more! And you're getting to meet all the cool people in the DOC world - I'm so jealous!!

    Sounds like an awesome weekend and I can't wait to read about the ride itself.

  5. Chris Carmichael!!! Fancy pants you!!!

    ps. LOVE all the pics of you :)

  6. Love this! So much fun to read and look at the pictures!

    For what it's worth, I learned a butt-ton of stuff from hanging out with you and Jeff. You two kick some serious athletic arse.

    AND we know that if Heather, Nikki, and I open up a late night coffe cafe, we'll have TONS of business (at least when you're in town)!

    I know I've said it again and again, but it was a real treat to get so much time with you and Jeff over the past two weekends. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do this weekend... Maybe I'll talk Heather into a bike ride. :-)

  7. I want a bike!!!!!!!!!! lol This is so awesome, glad you guys had a great time! great photos!!!!


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